Kinookimaw Parade Float 2015


In the world of pop culture, 70s music was leaving its mark on America. Disco  - arrived - and took the world - by storm. 


Few can resist the temptation even today to get down and boogie when they hear the Village People’s YMCA or the Bee Gees playing Staying Alive.


Influenced by funk and soul, the mere mention of the big names in 70s disco - Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, ABBA, and Donna Summer - evoke fond memories of leisure suits, Studio 54, the Hustle and glimmering disco balls. And not to forget the movies like “Saturday Night Fever” which brought the style mainstream popularity.


So to all former Dancing Queens and Kings…It’s time to get the disco ball out.

And brush up on the 70s dances like the Hustle and Bump so you can really get down and get funky.


And the community of Kinookimaw has done just that!


With their own dance instructors (non other than Steve and Sandi Rootman), who love putting a bit of funk and soul into their dance steps. Kinookimaw has outdone themselves once again! Following in their footsteps are our Dancing Divas: Diane Armstrong, Teri Tramer, Sheryl Doig and Jacquie Bumphrey.


So sit back…pull up a bean bag on the shag rug, crank up the lava lamp and stick around!

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