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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
April 17, 2024


President Dwayne Redekopp; Vice-President Blaine Campbell; Treasurer Carla Koot; Secretary Dawn Schmidt; Brodi Garbowicz, Carla Matt and Lorne Bumphrey (Meeting was through Teams). 

Regrets: N/A

Call to Order at 7:10 pm

1. Adoption of Agenda


M:  THAT the Agenda be approved as previously circulated with the addition of One Way on Cedar Crescent within the KBA Manager Report.

       M/S: Dwayne R/Carla K


2. Approval of Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of January 10, 2024 be approved as circulated

       M/S: Blaine C/Dwayne R


3.   Financial Report

Carla K reported that the current account balance is $5,552.07 with no outstanding cheques.

One more membership was paid with a total of 69 members that have paid their yearly membership

M: That the Financial Report be accepted as presented

     M/S: Dwayne R/Carla M


4.  KBA Manager Report 

a) Path gates and signage

  • Stacey from Hidden Hills will assist with moving the gates and place the concrete barriers in the new location west of the existing gates.

  • KRA Board members will assist with the move when scheduled. Lorne to coordinate a work bee to get this completed.

  • Lorne will confirm with KBA the location to move the east barriers/gate.

b)  Water system and restrictions:

  • Our water has high magnesium as indicated in the water tests. It will cost approximately $80,000 for 2 carbon filters, but there are other components that are required in addition to installing the new filters. Additional water storage would be needed for the wastewater that is circulated through the process. Our community does not have excess water to waste through this process.

  • Our water capacity issue would be partially solved by connecting to Regina Beach water. Lorne will reach out to Regina Beach again to inquire about tying into their water supply.

  • Lorne will meet with KBA to discuss this topic.

  • The trenching for the wiring of the pump will happen this spring.

c)  One Way on Cedar:

  • Motorists are still driving the wrong way down Cedar.

  • Lorne has talked to the known offenders.

  • A reminder will be sent out to residents reminding them that all vehicles including golf carts need to abide by the traffic signs and rules of the road.

d)  Other Items:

  • Mike from Hidden Hills completed the brushing near the stop sign at Sunset and McNabb Road. This will improve the sight lines at this intersection. The cut trees and shrubs will be cleaned up when conditions allow.

  • The barbed wire fence at the end of McNabb was cut in a few places and the sign removed. Hidden Hills will fix this.

5. Bylaw Compliance Report - There have been no issues identified

6. New Business

a) AGM Meeting

The AGM is required to be scheduled by the end of June. The 2024 AGM will be held on June 1 at 9:30 am in the park. The KRA would like 2 or 3 more members from the community to join the association.

Lorne will send out an email to Kinookimaw residents to attend the AGM with details on the date, time and location. He will also encourage new members to join.

         b) Buzz Boss

We will proceed with having Buzz Boss spray the park again this year. Carla Koot will call to coordinate. She will also find out if there is discount for community members to have spraying in their yards.

Community members can call Buzz Boss and indicate that they are from the community, and they will receive a 10% discount on the work they get done.

        c) Off Leash Dogs

There are dogs that are off leash in our community. Residents need to abide by the Bylaws of Kinookimaw:

“Pets, either on the trail or in the residential area must be on a leash. This issue is one of safety and comfort in ensuring residents can enjoy our environment without fear of pets attacking them.”

If dogs are seen off leash, please speak to the resident about the bylaws and how they need to be on leash. If the issue persists, the situation should be brought up through the Bylaw Committee for review.

There are other people besides Kinookimaw residents that use the trail and walk their dogs in our community. Sign could be put on the trail to let users know that dogs must be on leash at all times. Lorne to look into this.


        d) Snow Removal

There was one major snow event this winter that made driving on Kinookimaw roads more difficult. The roads were cleared within a couple of days which is reasonable for motorists. Priority roads are completed first, followed by other streets. This is similar to other communities. The roads are cleared by others and we need to wait our turn in the priority of the work. Residents need to be patient with snow removal especially during these more extreme events.

e) Coverage for Lorne when away

A back up is available if Lorne is away. Duties that are required during his absence will be taken care of by this individual. The KBA will also assist with communication, etc. to assist Lorne.


      e) Review of Last Year’s AGM Meeting Minutes

A review of the minutes was completed and responses to the action items will be prepared for the June 2024 AGM.

AED – The Carson’s have one that is available to use by the community but is only accessible if they are home. Lorne will discuss with Wayne about a second AED being provided by KBA for the community. A location that is always available to residents will be looked into again.


      f) Upcoming Summer Events

No one came forward to volunteer for the Social Coordinator. There were a few events that were discussed between the KRA Committee members. Ideas such as a Summer BBQ, Movie in the Park, and Craft/Activities in Park were mentioned.

A request for assistance from members will be sent out, but a few events will be coordinated by the KRA Committee this coming summer.

8. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting to be held on May 15, 2024.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm


Dwayne Redekopp, President




Dawn Schmidt, Secretary


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