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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
March 24, 2022 via Zoom


Scott Siemens, President; Mike Garbowicz, Vice-President; Bruce McDowell, Treasurer;  Carla Matt, Secretary; Lorne Bumphrey (Building & Maintenance Manager)

Regrets: Constance Hourie, Allison Curtis and Randall Adams

Call to Order at 6:32 pm

1. Approval of the Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved approved as circulated

       M/S: S. Siemens/M. Garbowicz


2.  Adoption of Minutes


M: THAT the minutes of January 3, 2022 be approved as circulated.


     M/S: C. Matt/B. McDowell


3. Stephanie Caswell, the co-ordinator from the Regina Beach Recreation Committee (RBREC) attended our Board meeting to advise Kinookimaw residents of a government grant that has been awarded to the RBREC which will be used to place signage along the shoreline trail in the communities of Kinookimaw, Regina Beach and Buena Vista if all parties agree.  The signs can reflect anything the communities agree upon which could be the area’s history, indigenous plant information/traditional medicines, turtle pond location, etc along the trail.  Stephanie is looking for ideas and permission to place approximately 3 signs along the Kinookimaw part of the trail.  She would like to work with someone who has an in depth history of the trail and Kinookimaw to discover what would be the best information to place on the signs. Each sign is about $500.  By placing the signs on the trail, she hopes to preserve the pathway and encourage more respect by people using the path.  The Board unanimously thought this was a fantastic idea.  The Board will canvass residents to find contacts who could speak to Kinookimaw’s history with a knowledge of the area as well as where best location for the signage (erosion issues, etc).  The Board will collect the data and then pass it along to KBA for approval.  Everything from Centre St west is considered the Kinookimaw area.  There are small and large sized signs however the Board agreed that making the signs all uniform in size, color and shape would be best.  It was suggested that Wayne Morris and his older brother could possibly provide the most knowledge for the signs.  Lorne will talk with them and advise us further.  The grant does not include installation but it does include the holders.  The Board discussed some additional people who might be knowledgeable contributors, such as, Donnie Ross, Randall Adams, and Mr. Lang.  Once Lorne speaks with Wayne and his brother, the Board will look to the community for input.  There is an old photo showing the Kinookimaw area in someone’s house but Scott could not remember where he saw it (possibly Stan Hanoski’s).  We may ask to borrow that and other early photos of the area if we continue in that direction.  Lorne will contact Stephanie to move this forward.


4.   Financial Report

Treasurer B. McDowell provided an updated financial report demonstrating a current reserve balance of $5,668 which includes a payment to Hordo’s Insurance for the 2022 Director’s Insurance on Jan 12th. 


a) Board/Event Insurance Discussion – Further to the discussion at prior meetings, the Board will NOT promote any event without event insurance.  To purchase event insurance  is approximately $120 per event.  Some thoughts on how to pay for the cost of event insurance is perhaps having the KBA collect a set fee as part of our lease payments and then have the KBA forward the set amount to the KRA Board to hold events?  It’s uniform for everyone and we would receive it at one time throughout the year. This could also be combined with the cost of paying for the yearly Board liability insurance. Wayne had agreed previously that he would pay the First Responder’s fee but he was not interested in collecting money and then reimbursing the KRA.  KBA previously paid for the Board insurance however for 2022 the Board had to use the KRA funds to cover the cost of the insurance.  The Board will raise the question again with Wayne to see if the KBA will pay for the KRA Board liability insurance and the special event insurance.  Initial conversations regarding event challenges and long term financial viability or if we should disband the Board began with no clear cut decisions or actions.  For the next Board meeting, Scott will invite the Social Coordinator (Randy Kozokewich) to join us to discuss his plans as social coordinator.


b) TRB Activity Centre Deposit – Sandy confirmed we have a $100 credit available to use for an upcoming function.

M: THAT the financial report be accepted as presented.

      M/S: B. McDowell/M.Garbowicz


5.  KBA Manager's Report - L. Bumphrey provided the following updates:

a) Water capacity, Maintenance, and Usage data/trends:

January 5 – February 5

Pump house meter:        128,890 gallons

Golf course meter:            10,590 gallons

Average usage per day:      4,296 gallons

February 5 – March 5

            Pump house meter:      101,794 gallons

            Golf course meter:             8,640 gallons

            Average usage per day:     3,393 gallons


b) Road grading/oiling/clearing – no updates

c) Shoreline access/gates – The consensus is that a gate is still beneficial to restrict the use of registered motor vehicles (trucks) on the path/trail.  Most large vehicles access the path through the park entrance since it is the widest access point.  It was suggested that gates, poles or other possible options be installed to deter motor vehicles (trucks).  The gates need to address and deter vehicle traffic through Kinookimaw Park, on the trail and through the Sunset Dr. access point.  The current gates have deterred outsiders from accessing the trail however there is a need to stop the motor vehicles (trucks) from accessing the path, with the exception of, First Responder’s vehicles.  Lorne will look into all the options.  Where do we relocate the new west gate?  As a Board we will walk out to the area once the snow and mud are gone and determine where the best locations would be.  

d) IMUC Update – next meeting is April 11, 2022

e) Traffic Signage – no updates

f) Fire/Emergency – no updates

g) Reports from Wayne Morris/Chief Todd Peigan – no updates  


Project Items:

a) Park Project – no updates

b) Other:

i.    Hydrant flushing – no updates

ii.   Singer Valves – no updates

iii.  Center Street paved extension “Toll Road” update – no update

iv.  Curb Stops – no update

6. Current Business arising from minutes

a) Head/Sub Lease renewal – S. Siemens will contact Wayne and provide at an upcoming meeting


b) HVC & McNabb update – no updates


c) South Shore First Responders – no updates

7.  New Business


a)  Dog’s off leash – There have been multiple dogs roaming Kinookimaw off leash and without their owners present.  Lorne has received complaints from citizens concerned about the dogs roaming free and breaking the community bylaws.  Recently, there has been incidents involving a roaming dog killing deer and leaving the carcasses in the yards for the resident’s to clean up.  The killing of the deer is very concerning and the owner’s not adhering to the KBA Bylaws needs to be addressed and rectified.  This is a huge issue with a number of dogs being loose in the community.  These are severe lease hold breaches and Wayne Morris has been made aware of the bylaw infractions.  Because of the increase of offences, the KBA can no longer look the other way. Wayne Morris will provide instruction to the Board on how the KBA would like the community to proceed.  Carla, Lorne and Scott will put together information for the community via the Kinookimaw Kommunicator.  


b) Snow removal/plowing – We had a lot of snow storms this year.  Lorne’s process for snow removal was to wait for the storm to pass and then to plow.  The brakes on the truck broke and Lorne had to be creative with getting the snow removed in a safe and timely manner.  At the Kinookimaw Park entrance there were 5 foot drifts and it was impassible a couple of times due to the wind blowing the snow onto the road.  The Board discussed the possibility of using a snow fence next year as perhaps by removing the trees and bushes a wind tunnel was created which led to the difficult road conditions this year (coupled with more snow than we’ve received in years). Lorne will monitor it next year and see if this is an issue that needs addressing.


c) 2022 AGM plan & date – The 2021 AGM was held in Kinookimaw Park.  The Board received numerous positive comments about this location.  The Board discussed spring and early fall dates for the 2022 AGM however did not set a date as there are a number factors that will come into play before it can be determined.  Once we receive the Social Coordinator’s plan for possible events we can determine which date will work best and advise the residents at that time.


d) Trailer storage – Lorne and the Board will organize a cleaning date and provide notice to the residents shortly.  The goal is to have everything currently stored in the storage area removed so that a group of volunteers can clear the area of debris, bushes and trees.  If approved, the Board would like to expand the available storage space to the east making the storage area larger and more user friendly.  This “cleaning bee” should happen in the 2nd week of May (TBD). Going forward the Board will need to determine who will be able to use this space and how many “items” a resident can store in the space.  Communication will be provided on this once we know how much space we will have to work with.  Lorne will discuss the possibility of expanding the storage space lot with Wayne Morris.  Originally Wayne donated the lot to the residents of Kinookimaw however there is an interested buyer for the lot to east of it therefore expanding might not be an option.  Lorne will advise further and a call for volunteers will be made at that time. The notice to remove equipment will be sent out at the end of April.  When we clean up the storage area it would be helpful to have volunteers with chain saws, trailers to load branches/trees, etc. 


e) KRA Bylaw Updates – to be discussed at the next meeting

f) Kinookimaw Bylaw Proposal – to be discussed at the next meeting

M:    THAT the KRA new business items be dispatched as recorded.


            M/S:    C. Matt / S. Siemens

8. Adjourn & Next Meeting

Next meeting set for Sunday, April 10, 2022  @ 5:00 pm in Scott Siemens' garage at 525 Sunset Dr.




Scott Siemens, President




Carla Matt, Secretary


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