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Meeting July 9, 2020

 517 Sunset Drive


Micheal McPherson (President, Colin Hanoski (Vice-President), Bruce McDowell (Secretary), Garry Tramer (Secretary), Scott Siemens

Apologies: Daryl Lukan

1.  Call to Order at 7:00pm

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved as submitted

       M/S: B. McDowell/S. Siemens


3.  Minutes of the meeting on April 18, 2020


M:  That the Minutes of April 18, 2020 be approved as amended

       M/S: C. Hanoski/B. McDowell


4.   Financial Report


As of July 9, 2020, the bank balance was $5,289.13 (KRA $3,831.08 and KBA community fund $1,458.05).  Jacquie Bumphrey was paid for the KRA website hosting fees.  Thirteen 2020/2021 memberships have been received.  The invoice for the Directors and Officers liability insurance has not been received for 2020.  The President will check with Hordos Insurance Brokers on the status of the invoice.

M:   THAT the Financial Report be accepted as presented.

        M/S: B. McDowell/S. Siemans


5.  President's Verbal Report


The President discussed the possibility of a trail clean up, community beach clean-up, swing set removal, purchasing new play equipment for the park, purchasing and erecting a Kinookimaw sign on the beach.  No decisions were made on these issues.  Park maintenance will continue to be done by Lorne Bumphrey rather than volunteers.  Residents will be notified of Eva Eckert’s 100th birthday on July 16 and the events that are being planned by her son.  The President will represent Kinookimaw at the next IMUC meeting on July 20

M: That the Presidents report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: M. McPherson/S. Siemans


6.  Mortgage Update


The Vice-President reported that Conexus Credit Union approved the mortgage for the purchasers for the Wiggins property.  The Vice-President of Risk Management at Conexus is not comfortable with the caveat letter received from KBA and is not willing to approve any more mortgages.  The Head Lease wording is acceptable but the sub-lease document needs to be revised so the terms are more favourable for financial institutions.  The Vice-President will contact Wayne Morris and the KBA lawyer to discuss a revised caveat letter in the short term and a revised sub lease or an addendum to the sub lease in the longer term.

M: That the Mortgage Update report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: C. Hanoski/S. Siemans


7.  Shoreline Access Policy and Use of ATV’s, golf carts, UTV’s, etc.


After considerable discussion of the draft KBA Shoreline Access Policy, it was decided that the document would be shared with Lorne Bumphrey  for input.  Further discussion will be required to finalize some of the details in the policy.

Several instances of underage drivers using golf carts, ATVs, UTVs etc. has been noticed by residents.  This is a safety issue for these individuals as well as members of our community.  More communication with residents will take place to encourage restricting the use of unlicensed vehicles on the roads and path.  Lorne Bumphrey will be advised of offenders and be requested to deal with them as appropriate.

8. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on September 5, 2020.  Several documents need to be updated prior to the meeting.

9. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 8:57 pm

M: S. Siemens





Micheal McPherson, President




Garry Tramer,  Secretary


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