Kinookimaw 2014

Parade Float




It’s a throw back to the Flapper Days and The Roaring 20's AND Kinookimaw has done it up well!


THINK : great jazz bands, feather boas, ostrich feathers and the most famous dances of that time… The Black Bottom and Lindy Hop! And one can’t forget the infamous Charleston! 

And dancing their way into history with the Charleston are Sandi and Steve Rootman and a few ‘loose’ women… the Flappers!


It was the days of PROHIBITION, Speakeasies, bathtub gin and gangsters!

Capone was a household name when it came to smuggling and bootlegging.

And not to be forgotten, are our own local outlaws Bonnie & Clyde coming up behind the bar scene!


The Roaring 20's didn’t exist in Kinookimaw then, but today KINOOKIMAW KLAPPERS 2014 are BIG and there is always a garden party happening somewhere!!


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