Association Finances


As of April 30, 2018


Opening balance, April 30, 2018                                           $2,794.27

Memberships Paid (69)                                                                             $1,380.00

Rentals                                                                                                               51.00 

Christmas Supper Guest                                                                                  20.00                                                                                       Interest                                                                                                                 3.01


Total Income                                                                         $1,634.01


Expenses 2018-2019 


South Shore First Responders for 2018                                                      456.00

AGM                                                                                                                  135.38

Christmas Dinner                                                                                            265.37

Shed Keys                                                                                                            6.64

Website Hosting (2 yrs)                                                                                   187.43

Wine & Cheese                                                                                                 169.32

Donation re July 1st 2018 Parade                                                                  100.00                 


Total Expenses                                                                      $1,304.51


KRA Balance as of April 30, 2019                                                $3,123.77


Community (Revolving) Funds Held (KBA)                                             $2,376.05


                                             Net Bank Balance:                                       $5.499.82


We encourage all Kinookimaw residents to participate in the Association.  Membership entitles you to vote at the Annual Meeting, and the Residents Contact List. 


The Kinookimaw Beach Association, recognizing our local ability to prioritize community needs, has established a separate KRA Board managed revolving Community Fund which currently has a balance of $20,000.00.  Monies from this co-managed fund have been used in the past for road gravel and recently to purchase Board liability insurance and other incidental expenses.  We have introduced forward planning and budget considerations commencing in the late fall with submission to KBA for consideration towards their next fiscal year.  The hope is to build a towards an improved business pre-planning model to not only tackle ongoing annual issues but to help moving the larger items forward. 

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