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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
January 3, 2022 via Zoom


Scott Siemens, President; Mike Garbowicz, Vice-President; Bruce McDowell, Treasurer;  Carla Matt, Secretary; Allison Curtis, Randall Adams, Lorne Bumphrey (Building & Maintenance Manager)

Regrets: Constance Hourie, Colin Hanoski

Call to Order at 6:30 pm

1. Approval of the Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved approved as circulated

       M/S: A. Curtis/M. Garbowicz


2.  Adoption of Minutes


M: THAT the minutes of November 14, 2021 be approved as circulated.


     M/S: C. Matt/B. McDowell



3.   Financial Report

Treasurer B. McDowell provided an updated financial report demonstrating a current reserve balance of $6,797.68. 

a) Membership Canvas – There have been 91 households who contributed 99 paid memberships.  Some households have contributed multiple memberships but their reasons for contributing more than their $20 are undetermined. We have 104 homes in Kinookimaw.  


b)  Board Insurance – L. Bumphrey contacted Steve Hordos from Hordos Insurance Brokers to verify the KRA insurance has been paid and determined there is a policy for the KRA as well as one for the KBA.  Only one has been paid.  S. Siemens is meeting with Wayne Morris on January 4, 2022.  He will add an insurance policy discussion to the agenda.  S. Siemens will seek to understand if the two insurance policies can be combined.  S. Siemens will work with Treasurer B. McDowell to ensure existing insurance coverage is maintained while this new approach is being researched.  Existing independent KRA Policy is payable Jan 31/22.  S. Siemens will provide an update at the next KRA Board meeting in March 2022.


c)  Town of Regina Beach Activity Centre Deposit – in previous years the KRA Board would pay $150 to book the centre for the June 1st AGM rental as well as the rental for the Holiday party.  Due to Covid, last year’s KRA Board held the AGM outdoors.  S. Hanoski cancelled the AGM booking and we did not book the centre for a Holiday party in December 2021 as it was not safe considering the high Covid numbers.  B. McDowell contacted S. Hanoski who explained the center did not issue a refund for the deposit, therefore, the KRA would have a credit on file for future KRA bookings.  B. McDowell will contact Teri Tramer who can identify the RBAC contact person to see if a credit is recorded on our account.  We do not have a date for the next AGM,  however with Covid safety/restrictions we should consider hosting the spring AGM in 

the Kinookimaw Community park.

M: THAT the financial report be accepted as presented.

      M/S: B. McDowell/M.Garbowicz


4.  KBA Manager's Report - L. Bumphrey provided the following updates:

a) Water capacity – Usage comparisons:  July 633,000 gallons and December 110,000 gallons.  Regina Beach Golf Course precise usage information is not available at the time of this meeting, however, L. Bumphrey will provide those numbers at the next meeting.  L. Bumphrey installed a new meter in the Regina Beach Golf Course Clubhouse in May.  The Regina Beach Golf Club uses our water reservoir which flows into the cistern by their clubhouse.   According to the meter, which is monitored by L. Bumphrey, they are not using an excessive amount (estimated at 30,000 gallons winter / 90,000 gallons summer) which is proof they are not using water from our reservoir to water their greens.  More information and exact meter readings will be presented at the next KRA Board meeting in March 2022. 


b) Road clearing – L. Bumphrey has been doing a great job with the snow plowing and road clearing.


c) Fire/Emergency – After expressing the need for residents to join the South Shore First Responders in the November 14, 2021 meeting minutes and the Kinookimaw Kommunicator, not one person from Kinookimaw has expressed interest.  This is an urgent and ongoing need in our community.  


d) Reports from Wayne Morris/Chief Peigan – no updates


e) Park Project – no updates


f)  West access walking path – no updates until spring

M:  That the KBA's Manager's report be accepted as presented.


        M/S    S. Siemens/A. Curtis 


5. Bylaw Compliance Report - M. Garbowicz


There are no issues to report.

6. Current Business arising from minutes

a)  Shoreline path gates – No updates until spring

b)  Head/Sub Lease renewalNo updates

c)  Social Coordinator - Randy Kozakewich has volunteered for this position.

M:    THAT we accept Randy Kozakewich in the role of Social Coordinator.


         M/S:  B. McDowell / M. Garbowicz


d)  West Access Walking Path – No updates until spring

6.  New Business


a)  IMUC update – This is an agenda item to be discussed at the meeting between Wayne Morris and S. Siemens on January 4, 2022.   


b)  South Shore First Responders – See report from Lorne Bumphrey


c)  Meeting with KBA –  Wayne Morris and S. Siemens are meeting January 4, 2022 at 6:00pm.  The following agenda items will be brought forward for discussion:  

  • Head Lease
  • Water issues including capacity issues in the peak of summer, long term storage, secondary water solution, and pump issues/concerns.  

  • Community Bylaws review and updates. 

  • Road Safety.  There are a number of traffic and speed issues within the community, which could be addressed if we are to update the Bylaws. 

  • Main road into Kinookimaw is very rough and full of “washboard”.    

  • Overall impacts of campground on McNab Road and residents of Kinookimaw.

8. Adjourn & Next Meeting

Next meeting set for March 24, 2022  @ 6:30pm via Zoom




Scott Siemens, President




Carla Matt, Secretary


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