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Saturday, Sept. 17th was an eventful day for residents of Kinookimaw.

Tee off started at 1 pm followed by cocktails and supper.

Everyone had a fun-filled day and an enjoyable evening.

2016 Kinookimaw Golfers
Making a game plan
Organized confusion??
Peter and Dan
Sheryl and Rick
Got our score card and we're ready!
The Roster.
Are we on the same page??
We sure do think we're sexy!!
Beer break? That's not a beer! we have a plan?
Learning about golf.
Our lovely Kinookimaw ladies
Can I have everyone's attention
I don't know about those guys?
Those girls think they know golf??
I promise I'll be good!
Deb and Lee Ann warming up
Did anyone see where it went?
Mike and Todd
Away we go....
Another ball for Garry's' collection
Keep your eye on my ball!!
Do you see what I see?
I think I can, I think I can
Finally a beer break!
All it takes is one perfect putt!
Team #5-Kim, Colin, Sheryl, Rick
Team #6 - Sandi, Matt, Deb, Ron
Team #4-Steve, Yvonne, Norma, Garry
Did you finally hit it?
Take that!
Up, up and away....I think!
Beauty Queens
Noel and Cheryl
Take aim....
I should have been a porn star
Father and son.
Good friends.
Such a cute family!
Marina and Sheryl
Let's have a beer!
Mike and Carol
Just hanging out
Randy, Pete and John
Nothing like relaxing!
The cooks hard at it!
A happy couple!
Having a cool beverage!
Is supper ready?
Enjoying a visit
Pam (our photographer) & Manley
Just catching up
Enjoying the meal!
The Hamilton Family
The buffet is ready!
Ray, Gloria, Doreen and Stan
Joan, Yvonne and Bev
Brian having a cool one
Team #1 - Daryl, Lee Ann, Deb, Bob
Team #2 - Rob, Joan, Ray, Diane
Team #3 - Noel, Cheryl, Dan, Pete
Team #4-Garry, Steve, Yvonne, Norma
Team #5 - Sheryl, Colin, Kim, Dianne
Team #6 - Ron, Sandi, Deb, Matt
Team #7 - Stan, Marina, John
Team #8 - Todd, Rita, Mike
Close to Pin in One - Rob Swallow
Longest Drive Ladies -Kim McMillan
Men's Longest Drive - Rob Swallow
Close to Pin in 2 - Ron Bean
Longest Putt - Diane Armstrong
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