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Bylaws of Kinookimaw


Bylaws of KBA (Kinookimaw Beach Association) and the KRA (Kinookimaw Residents Association) with respect to community practice and engagement.  No article herein shall supersede those items in the KBA Lease or legal authority.


The KBA Bylaws and Building Requirements provide much more information about the things that are and are not permitted as directed by the Association on behalf of the beneficial leaseholder, the seven First Nations that make up the KBA.  Our General Manager, Wayne Morris, advises us on, and enforces the Bylaws, Practices, and Guidelines on behalf of the KBA.


The KRA Bylaws primarily address the election of the Board of Directors and the role they play in promoting communication with the General Manager.




No Motor Vehicles are allowed on the trail. This restriction seeks to ensure pedestrian safety and noise control.


Pets, either on the trail or in the residential area must be on a leash.  This issue is one of safety and comfort in ensuring residents can enjoy our environment without fear of pets attacking them.


Posted speed limit of 30km throughout Kinookimaw. Stop signs serve a critical purpose to slow traffic, avoid accidents, and yield to vehicles navigating sloped roadways.


Water Conservation practices must be adhered to so as to ensure ample water at all times.

Health Canada “Boil Water Advisory” is in place at all times throughout Kinookimaw.  Although we have had very good water we do not have a purification system.  The Federal Department of Health has advised all communities that do not have a water purification system to post  “Boil Water” notices.  You drink the water at your own risk. 


Fire Prevention within the community is a must. Although fires are allowed within the residential area they must be in containers and closely supervised. Given the nature and use of the area surrounding the Kinookimaw residential community, a significant risk of fire exists in the areas surrounding the residential area.  No Fires are allowed in the areas outside the residential area.  Burning of brush in yards is not supported, brush must be hauled to a designated area outside the Kinookimaw I.R. 80A area.


The beach and waterfront area is not owned by any resident but is intended to be shared by all residents. Traditionally, those residents whose properties are adjacent to the trail and beach area have priority to the beach area in front of their property.  Additionally, it is recommended those residents whose properties are not adjacent to the trail and beach area, be given consideration for sharing of beach and waterfront area.


A community beach is located in front of the park on Cedar Crescent.  No boatlifts or docks are allowed on it.


The KBA owns the walking trail and area of shoreline from Little Arm to Centre Street in Regina Beach.  As dictated by the master lease and KBA Bylaws no Boathouses, Sheds, or other Permanent Structures, are allowed. Boatlifts and docks are allowed in the water but must be removed from the waterfront each fall.  The intent is to keep the shoreline as neat and clutter-free as possible to preserve the natural beauty. For further reference to this, please consult with the Provincial Ministry of Environment guides on shoreline alteration (see


These articles and community practices are agreed to, passed, and incorporated into record by the Board of Directors, Kinookimaw Residents Association, June 2007


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