Submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors
Micheal McPherson, President




 The 2018 – 2019 year in our resort community has once again gone very quickly.  On behalf of our Community

the Board would “thank” all the volunteers within our community who assisted in assorted ways to ensure our

neighbourhood was fun, supportive, engaged, safe and secure for not only the residents but our children,

grandchildren and guests as well.

Some of the volunteered activities included, garbage removal, boat lift and dock assistance, park renovation

(Nick Roy), Age Friendly, road maintenance(Bryon Buitenhaus), electrical equipment maintenance (Daryl Lukan),

parade, First Responders, website and social events; all done in a congenial atmosphere.

Once again your volunteer Board of Directors represented the community through the year generally through

monthly Board meetings, inter-community meetings and related assignments.  Approved Minutes are posted

on the community website as are other items of importance and interest.

We also recognize The Kinookimaw Beach Association, our landlord.  We appreciate their continued support,

the ongoing resort development with several new tenant construction activities and the great golf course.

Lastly, I would thank the serving Directors for their whole-hearted dedication to the community, its issues and

challenges.  Directors can serve two consecutive 2-year terms maximum then must have a minimum 1 year

break as per our informal Bylaws.  Garry Tramer and I will continue to serve our last year, 2nd Term.  Leaving

are Carmel Bjarnason, Rob Swallow and Pam Gillies.

Executive Summary


 The Board communicates to the Community mainly through emailed Bulletins, posting to the website as the need

arises and direct personal contact.  This results in cost-effective information distribution, ease of communication,

transparency with Minutes posted online and continued standardization of resource materials.  


Financially, the Association continues to have a positive monetary balance ($3,123.77/April 30, 2019) with no

outstanding debt.  The annual membership fee ($20), our main source of income, continues to be a challenge to

collect from all Kinookimaw tenants (105).  In 2018-19 we had 68 paid Memberships ($1,380) down from 72 ($1440) the previous year.  The fee goes to fund South Shore First Responders, Inc. ($456.), July 1 Parade ($100), Christmas supper ($265.37), Annual Meeting expenses ($119.75) such as hall rental and printing, and other related smaller expenses.


We continue to discuss many initiatives with the Kinookimaw Beach Association. A major resource for the community started two years ago is the position of Operation and Maintenance Manager (Lorne Bumphrey).  This local position deals with potable water testing,  infrastructure monitoring,  seasonal curb valve control, road maintenance, grass and tree control, snow plowing to name but a few issues.  Please support him where and when you can.


Director’s liability insurance ($1080.14) coverage continues with funding for this major expense through the Kinookimaw Beach Association.


Through participation within the Inter-Municipal Utilities Committee (IMUC) Kinookimaw cost shares and participates with the December opening of the New Sewage Lagoon and a recently updated Fire Services Agreement, both major milestones!  IMUC also allows input and use of other services such as the Landfill on a fee for service basis.  The ongoing communication coordination with the other south-shore communities has been beneficial.  


Your adherence to local fire bans has been very important in the prevention of any fire in our community.  Be cautious with any fire anytime.  Ensure your property insurance coverage includes volunteer firefighting costs!  Thanks to Garry Tramer and others for ongoing hill-green space monitoring and waste collection.

As a developing resort community your input, comments, and feedback is valued.  While we cannot feasibly please everyone, your Board continues to interact with our neighbouring communities, agencies and of course The Kinookimaw Beach Association, our landlords. 


Throughout 2018-2019, we believe progress has been made in several areas although many challenges remain.  In the following pages we will discuss the highlights.

Your Board of Directors

Mike McPherson,

Colin Hanoski,


Garry Tramer,

Bruce McDowell

Scott Siemens

Daryl Lukan,

 Volunteer Leads

Jacquie Bumphrey – Website and Social Events

Fred Ziegler
– Age Friendly Communities

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