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Submitted on behalf of the Board of Directors
In the President’s absence, Vice-President Hanoski provided the following updates:

A. Potential Mortgage Lenders

     i.  We have been advised that anyone needing mortgage support through a commercial lender

         within Kinookimaw on a conventional basis, are.

         1. Conexus Credit Union

         2. Affinity Credit Union

B.  As in previous years the Kinookimaw Residents Association is requesting all residents to
     contribute $20.00 towards the expenses of running the community on your behalf. Over the past
     several years KRA has been successful in arranging with KBA and KBA generously accepting to
     pay some of our expenses, such as. 

      i.  Fee payable to First Responders, this fee puts us on a list for assistance by 1st responders if
         we ever need their assistance. KBA Paid approx. $462.00 which is calculated based on the
          number of residences we have.

    ii.  Fee payable to Regina Beach volunteer fire department, again this is a fee for us to participate
         in their fire fighting expertise, in the event we ever need them. KBA Paid this year approx.
        $450.00.  This is not to be confused with Fire Insurance coverage you need on your Home
        Insurance policy for payment if needed for the Fire Department if they ever must fight a fire on
        your behalf. Please contact your policy holder for volunteer fire fighting insurance.

   iii.  Board of Directors Liability Insurance – KBA Paid in 2021 insurance cost of approx. $1,100.00 


C.   Some of the challenges that still require KRA to follow up on.

      i.  Follow up on the Lease, the current lease as it sits today, matures in 35 years (June 2056) We
         are lobbying for an extension going past 2056.

     ii.  The possibility of additional water storage & purification.

     iii. Storm Drainage off the roads to the lake during excessive rain fall.



In the KBA Manager’s absence, Vice-President Hanoski provided the following updates:


A. Water update: 

      i.  Wells are producing on average 30 GPM, given our community usage on the hot days over the

summer we experienced, our output was between 38,000 - 47,000 gallons per day. On the cooler & rainy days our community usage was on average between 17,000 – 18,000 gallons per day.  This includes non-potable internal use at the  Golf Course Club House.  Several residents registered concern about potential for chlorination (some really don’t want chlorination) or how to eliminate the Boil Water Advisory.  Questions about pool water use . . . . even though most pool owners are using lake water or hauling.  Frustration re: ongoing “water use warnings” and never getting long term solutions and why not bring in meters if that’s going to be part of the solution.  Straw poll for who would be OK with meters (near unanimous support if this is going to solve the larger problem).  Did we ever find the “mystery” water pressure valves?  (Yes, one has been found, the other two are still being looked for).

     ii.  Well capacity has gone down given the dry & hot weather over the last few years, but over all
         capacity of the well appears to be strong.

    iii.  Our current storage is keeping up with demand based our extremely hot summer.  Many
         expressions of frustration over lack of capacity.

    iv.  Water Meters – Based on the usage over the summer it may become a necessity for water
        meter installation. This will help preserve the water we have going into the future.


    v.  Water is generally tested every several weeks and is communicated to the community once this
        has been completed. 

   vi.  Please note that Kinookimaw does not have water purification and as such a water advisory is
        always in effect.

B.  Hydrant Flushing – This is a job that is generally carried out in the spring or fall of each year. 
     Completed this past week.

C.  Road’s update:

    i.  Grading is completed as required

   ii.  Over the last several years KBA has provided gravel to enhance our roads.


  iii.  Dust proofing has been provided by KBA on an annual basis.

Comments: What is paid / hr. for grading?  No answer for certain (but maybe $100/hr).  Who owns McNab?  KBA.  What’s going to happen with extra McNab traffic due to campground?  KBA Mgr has reported that KBA and HVC are talking about HVC taking on more responsibility for McNab.

D.   One Way on Cedar Crescent has been working as planned.  Need another sign for east end of

E.  Speed Limit Signs (60 Km) on McNab have been working based on observation, although one
      appears to be missing already.

F.  Hidden Valley Campground:

     i.  Currently under construction
    ii.  Barricades to the hills are in place

    iii.  Land has been posted as private property, no trespassing.

    iv.  What does this mean to the community of Kinookimaw going forward ? Will be working on        
          getting passes for residents of Kinookimaw based on a reduced abuse of the land. 
          Comments:  Campground will be using their own water supply and NOT tap into community
          systems.  Registered concern about whether the campground will be drawing from our aquifer
          – board needs to check into this with the Campground people.  HVC will be operating a “toll-
          booth” at the corner of McNab & Sunset for people going toward Little Arm.  Plan is for KRA
         residents to have a “pass” for access to Little Arm.

G. Fire and emergency exit:
     i.  As all residents may know, we are serviced by a volunteer fire department out of Regina Beach.
         KBA pays an annual fee to ensure these services are available if so required. 

    ii.  Volunteer Fire Insurance is the responsibility of each homeowner as the community does not
         provide this insurance. Please check with your respective insurance carrier in determining how
         much insurance you may need to pay the Volunteer Fire Department if they are called to fight a
         fire on your property.

   iii.  In case of Fire, the community has two access points, both in and out of the community. Our
        main access is at the stop sign entering the community off McNab onto Sunset Drive going East.
        The second access point is off Clover Lane onto McNab going East, although currently blocked
        by the barricades but will be rectified in due coarse.


H. Fire Bans:

Kinookimaw & surrounding areas have seen a consistent use of Fire Bans this year due to the
unseasonal hot & dry weather. Please respect these bans as they are there for the protection of everyone. I will advise the community by way of email when the bans go on and when they will be lifted. TRB Fire Chief is responsible for managing the sign at the entrance to the community.  Fire bans are all encompassing – a ban is a total ban.  Comments: Are fireworks included in a ban?  Yes, we see that as non-compliance and that’s the liability of the individual.


I.  Lagoon:

Over the last several years, Regina Beach together with the government and several
communities around Regina Beach, including Kinookimaw have been working on a new lagoon.
This lagoon has now been operating for the last year or so and has created a cost to all that are using it. That cost is currently part of our annual costs as it relates to our property and paid by KBA. In addition, we have seen publication in the local news about the resurfacing of the old 54, which is a direct route to the new lagoon. In order to pay for this new road, it has been
suggested that a toll might be put on each septic dump going to the new lagoon. If this is the
case we could see our septic services increase their prices.


J.  Garbage Collection:

Garbage collection has been hired out to Loraas Disposal and is picked up first thing in the
morning on Mondays of each week. Please note that Kinookimaw runs a summer and winter
schedule which means that during the warmer months, garbage is collected on Monday on a
weekly basis. During the winter months, garbage will be collected every 2 weeks on the Monday. The community will be advised when the winter and/or summer schedule is put into place.

K.  Expansion of community gates:

This will happen in due course

L.  Shoreline access policy:

This will happen in due course

Your Board of Directors

Scott Siemens,

Mike Garbowicz,


Bruce McDowell,

Carla Matt

Randy Adams

Alison Curtis,

Constance Hourie,

 Volunteer Leads

Jacquie Bumphrey – Website

Fred Ziegler,
Rowe Dennis
– Compliance

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