Meeting November 3, 2018

 526 Sunset Drive


Micheal McPherson (President, Garry Tramer (Vice-President), Colin Hanoski (Treasurer), Carmel Bjarnason (Secretary),

Rob Swallow

Apologies: Pam Gillies

1.  Call to Order at 9:35 am

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved as submitted

       M/S: G. Tramer/D. Lukan


3.  Minutes of the meeting on September 15, 2018


M:  That the Minutes be approved as submitted

       M/S: R. Swallow/D. Lukan


4.   Financial Report


The Bank balance as of Sept. 28, 2018 is $21,676.88 (combined)

- 2018 KRA Memberships stand at 68

- The bill for road slag purchase is still outstanding

M:    That the verbal Financial Report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: C. Hanoski/D. Lukan


5.  President's Report


  • The KRA Executive invited interested owners to volunteer to participate in a advisory group discussion concerning water issues.  Meeting yet to be scheduled. Currently water levels have been stable.


  • The new lagoon is about 90% complete and should be operational in November.  Cosmetic work will be done in the spring.  Total cost to date totals about $10.2M plus additional, required work, including land.  


  • Christmas Supper is December 1, 2018 at Memorial Hall. KRA Members free. Non-member Guests are $10.  The Memorial Hall should be booked for next year.


  • Tree affected by road oil at Rootman’s needs replacing.


  • Incorporation needs to be concluded as soon as practical.

M: That the Presidents report and related discussion be accepted as presented.

       M/S: D. Lukan/G. Tramer


6.  Business and Financial Planning


  1. C. Hanoski will set up the budget for 2019.  We need to coordinate with Regina Beach on road oil for 2019.  Gravel will be required this year, especially for McNabb. Rootman’s tree loss due to road oil to be remedied next spring.

7. NEXT MEETING DATE: To be determined - in December if required

8. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 10:32 am

M: R. Swallow





Micheal McPherson, President




Carmel Bjarnason, Secretary


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