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Kinookimaw Residents Association (KRA)

Tenants of Kinookimaw




The purpose of this Association is to promote communication between the seven Bands of the Kinookimaw Beach Association and their Tenants so that each may better understand the needs and aspirations of the other; to assist each other toward the achievement of their goals; and to ensure the satisfactory performance of the terms of the Leases.






  1. Anyone who is a Lessee OR who has resided for the preceding year within the Kinookimaw Beach Resort Residential Boundaries is a member.  If they have paid the prescribed annual membership fee for that fiscal year, they shall be a member in good standing and an eligible Voting Member for the current year and, if of legal voting age, shall be eligible to vote at all Association Annual and General Meetings during that fiscal year with a limit of one vote per lease.

  2. Yearly membership fees shall be set annually by the Board and shall be effective at the adjournment of the Annual Meeting and continue until the next Annual meeting.  The fee will not be pro-rated.  The Association fiscal year shall be April 1 through March 31.





  1. Any member who is a lessee is eligible to be elected a Director of the Association.

  2. Officers shall be elected from these elected Directors by the Board at it’s first meeting following the Annual Meeting.

  3. ​Where a vacancy on the Board of Directors exists, candidates for the position may be nominated and elected at a General or Special Meeting of the Association.  Those elected shall complete the unexpired term of office.

  4. The President may, with the approval of the Directors, appoint at or before the meeting three Members as a Nominating Committee who shall place in nomination one or more names for each vacancy, with provision being made for further nominations from the floor.

  5. The consent of a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors must be obtained in writing or verbally before he/she is nominated for the position.

  6. All elections shall be by secret ballot unless unanimous consent is offered from the electorate for a “show of hands” vote.

  7. The board of Directors shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), with additional Directors at large, and for one year the Immediate Past President.  The board shall consist of not less than 3 and not more than 9 persons.

  8. At each Annual General Meeting, new or renewing Directors shall be elected for a two-year term.

  9. Each Immediate Past President shall hold active office on the Executive for one year and then become a member of an ad-hoc Advisory Board which shall be comprised of all available Past Presidents.  This Board meets at the request of the Executive to advise on specific matters referred to them by the Executive.

  10. At each subsequent Annual Meeting, those Directors whose term has expired shall retire from office.

  11. Directors retiring from office shall be deemed to hold office until the conclusion of the meeting at which they retire.

  12. Three consecutive terms (two years per term) of elected office may be served followed by an obligatory one-year absence from office.

  13. The Association may by special resolution, remove any Director before the expiration of his/her term of office and may elect another person in his/her stead.  The person so elected shall retire from office at the same time as the Director whom he/she is replacing would have retired.  A resolution to remove any Director shall be moved by a Member at any General Meeting of the Association.  The resolution must be advertised prior to the meeting at which it will be acted upon and shall require a two-thirds majority vote of those in attendance at the meeting.

  14. The Directors may meet together for the dispatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings as they may determine.

  15. Notice of a Directors’ meeting shall be given to the Directors at least one week prior to the date of the meeting, provided however that the Directors may meet on regular dates without notice, or may, by mutual consent of the majority of the board meet at any time or place without notice.

  16. A majority of Directors personally present (virtually or in-person) shall constitute, a quorum for the purpose of a meeting of the Directors.





  1. The Directors shall meet within fourteen days after each annual General Meeting.

  2. The duties of the President shall be as follows:  He/she shall perform the functions of the office of “Mayor”; He/she shall, unless some other member is appointed by the meeting to do so, preside at all meetings of the Association and of Directors; He/she shall be ex-officio member of all committees; He/she shall have authority to sign all cheques, notes, bills of exchange and financial documents;  He/she shall be a signing authority for all legal documents entered into by the Association.

  3. The duties of the Vice-President shall be as follows:  He/she shall in the absence of the President, unless some other member is appointed by the meeting to do so, preside over all meetings of the Association and of the Directors; He/she shall with the President sign, execute and deliver all legal documents which the Directors may order executed; He/she shall have authority to sign all cheques and financial documents.

  4. The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows; He/she shall attend all meetings of the Association, the Directors, and the Executive Committee and keep correct minutes of same; He/she shall conduct the correspondence of the Association and shall give receipts therefor; 

  5. The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows: He/she shall have authority to sign all cheques and financial documents; He/she shall keep the books of the Association showing all transactions and shall present a full and detailed account of all receipts and disbursements to the Directors when requested by them; He/she shall prepare year-end and interim financial statements for submission to the Annual General Meeting and to such other Meetings as requested by the Directors.

  6. All cheques shall be signed by two authorized signatures.





  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held within 90 days of the fiscal year end each year on a date to be fixed by the Directors.

  2. A special General Meeting may be called by the President as and when he/she considers it necessary or shall be called when requested by at least five members in writing.

  3. Notice of a General Meeting shall be given to the members by means of posters, advertisements, electronic communication, or individual notices as may be decided by the Association in General Meeting, or by the Directors.

  4. Twenty members, or fifty percent of the membership, whichever is the lesser, shall constitute a quorum at any General Meeting of the Association.

  5. Voting shall be by ballot in the case of election of Officers and by show of hands in other cases except where a ballot is requested by at least three members.





  1. This by-law may be amended by a majority vote of members present and voting at the Annual Meeting (subject to Article IV, Paragraph 4).  Notice of the proposed amendment shall be given by the mover to the members 30 days before the meeting at which it is to be voted.  In the event 30 days notice are not provided, unanimous consent to waive the notice period is required at the Annual Meeting.





  1. In the event of dissolution of the Association, its property and assets shall, after payment of all liabilities, unless otherwise directed by a vote of two-thirds of the attending members, be donated to one or more recognized charitable organizations in Canada as may be decided by the Association in a General Meeting.



Amended:   May, 1996

                    June, 2022

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