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Election of Directors


A Director may serve two, two-year terms but must be elected for the second term. At least one year break is required after the four years served prior to returning to the Board.

The second terms of D. Lukan and C. Hanoski have expired.  C. Hanoski will assume the position of Past President for one year.  S. Siemens and B. McDowell have completed their first term and are eligible for a 2nd two-year term.  M. Garbowicz has completed the 1st year of his first two-year term.  Additionally, S.Hanoski has tendered his resignation from the board.


Nominations for Board member positons were received for A. Curtis, C. Hourie, and C. Matt.  One additional nomination from the floor was received for R. Adams. That B. McDowell & S. Siemens be elected to the KRA Board of Directors for a 2nd (and final) two-year term, and that A. Curtis, C. Hourie, C. Matt, and R. Adams be elected to a 1st two-year term.


Special Mention


Administratively the Association Board deals directly with Wayne Morris, General Manager of the Kinookimaw Beach Association and more so onsite with Lorne Bumphrey, Operations and Maintenance Manager. The Board would wish to “thank” both of them for their continued co- operation in our resort community called Kinookimaw.

We appreciate The Kinookimaw Beach Association led by chair Chief Todd Peigan which have jurisdiction concerning Kinookimaw through the Head Lease with the Government of Canada as well as the Tenants Lease. We encourage all parties to continue to collaborate to ensure Kinookimaw is a model resort community. Kinookimaw continues to grow as we have seen this summer. This does create challenges which as a community team we shall overcome.

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