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Meeting April 18, 2020

via ZOOM to comply with COVID-19 physical distancing rules

 517 Sunset Drive


Micheal McPherson, President; Garry Tramer, Secretary; Bruce McDowell, Treasurer; Colin Hanoski, Vice-President        

Scott Siemens; Daryl Lukan

1.  Call to Order at 9:07 am

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved as submitted

       M/S: M McPherson/G. Tramer


3.  Water Improvement Fund

After considerable discussion of the draft letter regarding the water improvement fund and the pros and cons of sending the letter at this time, the Board decided that a face-to-face meeting with Chief Peigan would be a better approach to resolving this matter and developing a strategy for a mutually beneficial outcome.


M:  That the Minutes be approved as submitted

       M/S: S. Siemens/B. McDowell


4.   Annual General Meeting


The KRA Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on June 6, 2020.  Due to the uncertainty of the availability of Memorial Hall and Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the Board decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting until later in the year.

5. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 9:50 am

M: D. Lukan





Micheal McPherson, President




Garry Tramer, Secretary


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