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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
June 21, 2023


Blaine Campbell, Dawn Schmidt, Dwayne Redekopp, Brodi Garbowicz, Carla Koot and Carla Matt.

Call to Order at 6:56 pm

Previous Board Vice-President, Carla Matt, proposed an ad hoc agenda to facilitate the appointment of officers, delegation of signing authorities and first business meeting.

2. Approval of Minutes


As the agenda does not facilitate standard business items and the Board consists of primarily new members, approval of the prior meeting minutes will be deferred.

3.   Financial Report

As the agenda does not facilitate standard business items and the Board consists of primarily of new members, approval of the Financial Statement will be deferred.

4.  KBA Officer Election 

General discussion regarding the various officer positions, bylaw requirements and organizational protocols.

M:  THAT, effective June 21, 2023, the KRA Board of Directors will be:

       President – Dwayne Redekopp

       Vice-President – Blaine Campbell

       Treasurer – Carla Koot

       Secretary – Dawn Schmidt

       Member at large – Brodi Garbowicz

       Member at large – Carla Matt


    M/S:  B. Garbowicz/D. Schmidt


M:  THAT, effective June 21, 2023, the KRA Board of Directors authorized signing officers (with any two of three to sign) will be:

President – Dwayne Redekopp

Vice-President – Blaine Campbell

Treasurer – Carla Koot


    M/S:  B. Campbell / C. Matt


7. New Business

a)  Kinookimaw Park Committee - C. Koot will invite J. Kondratiuk to attend the next Board meeting to provide an update and future plans for the community park and/or beach.

b)  Trail Maintenance:  Confirmed in text message with Community Manager, L. Bumphrey, the trail clean up will be held at 9:00am on July 8, 2023.  L. Bumphrey manages the communication of this “work bee”.  We are hoping to have a lot of residents with tools, trailers, clippers, etc (as in the past). 

c)  A Regina Beach resident contacted a former KRA Board President who passed along a complaint and request to the current Board. The complaint is about people speeding on McNabb and causing dust issues for the residents who live across from McNabb.  The 60km speed limit sign is not placed at the beginning of McNabb road therefore the speed limit is unknown and many people are driving excessively fast.  If the 60km speed limit sign was placed just after the Kinookimaw sign (before the Golf Course Club House) there could be a better chance of people driving the proper speed.

d)  The intersection into Kinookimaw and Hidden Hills Campground on McNabb road has had many near misses.  Visibility is very poor when driving from HH towards Regina Beach.  If a Kinookimaw resident is coming out of Kinookimaw (at the same time as a guest from HH is leaving their stop sign) at excessive speeds, it is a recipe for a collision. D. Schmidt will review this intersection and possibly return to the Board with a suggestion to help provide better visibility and safety. 


e)   Buzz Boss – Resident Y. Bean suggested the Board hire Buzz Boss to help control the mosquitos and spiders in the Kinookimaw Community Park.  The Board thought this was a fantastic idea and will contact Buzz Boss to set up a date.  Community communication will be forthcoming.

 M:  THAT, the Board will use community funds to hire Buzz Boss to spray the Kinookimaw Community Park for mosquitoes and spiders:


 M/S:  D. Redekopp/B. Campbell


8. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting is set for July 19, 2023 at 7:00pm at 218 Sunset Dr.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm


Dwayne Redekopp, President




Carla Matt, Acting Secretary


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