Opportunities and Issues


The Board has had many discussions and most of the issues are historical.

  • Potable water:  Chlorination and sufficient supply are still a priority issue.  Some usage meters now installed at reservoir.  Daily checks and random quality testing occur.

  • Fire Prevention:  hydrant water supply, insurance, coordination with Fire. Dept. and other communities, KRA helped lead in development of a new Fire Services Agreement.

  • Road maintenance:  Grading, dust control application(s), gravel, culverts, speed bumps, signage improvements forthcoming.

  • Visible Road Signs desired at intersections to compliment desired community mapping to aid in emergency response.

  • Fire Risk sign coordinated with the Fire Chief and other communities will soon be erected.

  • Speed Limit signage on McNabb to be installed.

  • Head Lease:  Extend past current expiry in 2056.

  • Tenant Lease:  Improved wording to become mortgage/loan friendly

  • Water Drainage: management of water runoff, new culvert system installed in the Park

  • Shoreline use:  Clarification on access, residents “only”, shore improvements

  • Seasonal Trailer Parking:  trailers to be in “residents only” in the storage compound. Names o

  • Soil and tree conservation:  caution on removal and cutting, slumping prevention

  • Association Fee collection:  our main source of revenue.

  • Green space (Little Arm Area):  fire risk and prevention, dumping, land damage

  • Liability Insurance:  Board of Directors (continue, commenced in 2017)

  • Sewage Lagoon:  New development, funding and process (New Lagoon operation opened in fall 2018)

  • Inter-Municipal Utilities Committee:  Regina Beach, Kinookimaw, Buena Vista, Lumsden Beach. (Fire, ambulance, landfill, lagoon, etc.)

  • Road-related:  Speed limits, speed humps use. 

  • Trail clean-up: discarded branches and cuttings, fire hazard

  • ATV/UTV/Golf Cart use: a reminder they are not legal for street use, use at your own risk. Underage operators a concern.  Hiking path not for general motorized use, beach access only.

  • Curb appeal: community enhancement overall, clean yard spaces, Free Dump Days

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