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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
May 7, 2023 (via Zoom)


Vice-President Carla Matt; Treasurer Bruce McDowell; Secretary Scott Siemens; Lorne Bumphrey (KBA Manager)

Regrets: Mike Garbowicz; Randall Adams; Constance Hourie; 

Call to Order at 7:04 pm

1. Adoption of Agenda


M:  THAT the Agenda be approved as previously circulated with the addition of AGM planning and Board elections priority.

       M/S: C.Matt/B. McDowell


2. Approval of Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of March 26, 2023 be approved as circulated

       M/S: S. Siemens/B. McDowell


3.   Financial Report

Bruce presented the March 31 Year End Finances showing an account balance of $6360.46 of which $358.83 is KBA residual balance representing no change from Feb 28th.  KRA’s $1500 commitment to the Park Project has yet to be drawn down but, once completed, we will have a working balance of approx. $4500.  KRA also has an account receivable with Hordos Insurance of approx.. $870 (premium refund).  Bruce noted 60% of memberships have been paid YTD.  Lorne advised approval from KBA to gift to KRA the remaining amount of funds held “in trust” for KBA of $358.83.  This will extinguish those “in trust” funds and, going forward, all accounting will be for KRA funds only.

M: That the Financial Report be accepted as presented

     M/S: B. McDowell/C. Matt


4.  KBA Manager Report 

a)  West side path gate has been vandalized (cut open).  This presents a good opportunity to move the gates further west to allow for more residents to create beach space.  Lorne has identified a narrow spot on the path just beyond our most westerly resident’s beach location to reposition the gates.  Lorne will also enhance the security of the gate to guard against further intrusion.  This will be a priority action item.

b)  Lorne will engage an external contractor to clear a 6ft wide path down the west access easement (between Armstrong’s & Dennis’).  This will still leave foliage on each side of the easement for adjoining neighbour privacy while giving west-end access as required by the community plan and approved at the 2022 AGM.

c)  TRB personnel have not been available to provide updates.  Lorne will continue to attempt to engage them.  Lorne noted we still do not have any current First Responder volunteers from Kinookimaw.  Lorne also advised KBA has approved the purchase of an AED unit for the community.  Discussion continues on a suitable location for community access.

d)  Speed Limit, Children at Play, and No Parking signs are all on order – Lorne expects them to be able to be installed in May.

e)  Fresh gravel will be laid on May 8 & 9.  Dustproofing is booked to be applied before Victoria Day, weather permitting.


f)  HHC&R have made their next expansion with an additional 15 spaces now leased.  Lorne feels the relationship between the Residential Community and HHC&R remains strong and mutually beneficial.


g)  Water usage ticking upward to 16,000 gpd as more residents have returned from their winters away and seasonal residents are opening their homes.  Pumps are running well, and system seems to be operating as expected.  Lorne has booked a system servicing (well pump screens, and reservoir tank cleaning) for May.  Hydrants also to be flushed in the next two weeks.

h)  As the frost leaves the ground, Lorne will be installing the gates donated by the Beans.


i)  Work on plan completion continues.  Bruce and Lorne will ensure accurate completion of a resident list (with phone numbers) can be distributed at the same time as the May 27th AGM package (to paid members only).

5. Bylaw Compliance Report - Carla noted a complaint will very likely be forthcoming in the next few days regarding “pets”.

6. Current business arising from minutes

a) Kinookimaw Community bylaws: Given the change in leadership that has Lorne in a more senior role, and the upcoming change of Board / Officers, this matter will remain on the agenda for the incoming Board.  No current action.

7. New Business

a)  Kinookimaw Park Committee – Nothing new  to report

b)  Social Committee:  No volunteer(s) to date.  Mike had previously suggested the Board take on the leadership role and then solicit “helpers” as needed on specific events.  Given the notice of resignation (see item E below), Lorne agreed to reach out to residents who have planned events in years past to try and meet our previous commitment to a May 27th BBQ.  The incoming Board will need to revisit this question.

c)  Trail Maintenance:  Given the recent resignation of Mike, Lorne will work on a 2023 calendar for various projects (trail clean-up, storage lot maintenance, flowers, park, etc.) so residents can know in advance when a “work bee” is being held.

d)  As KBA was not within the required timeline for application under the Canada Helps grant, Lorne agreed to approach KBA about hiring a summer student even without the Canada Helps funding.  The board agreed they could still contribute a share toward this support, but it would be KBA covering the core costs rather than the Federal Gov’t.  The idea will be presented at the AGM.

e)  AGM – will be held on May 27th at 9:00 am in the Kinookimaw Park (in someone’s garage if inclement weather).  At 9:00 am today, Mike Garbowicz resigned from the Board (personal reasons).  As such, there are no continuing Directors for 2023-24.   Adams & Hourie (1st terms) will not stand for re-election.  McDowell & Siemens (2nd terms) will not stand for re-election.  Matt (1st term) undecided but leaning toward not standing for re-election.  As such, the AGM will require the election of a new Board and the subsequent appointment of new officers.  Board members agreed to issue a urgent and critical call to the community for volunteers this week, encouraging people to already be thinking about (and shoulder tapping for) potential new Board members.  Failure to elect / acclaim at least 3 Board members may result in the dissolution of the KRA and, per the bylaws, distribution of assets to a Registered Charity.

8. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting to be determined by the incoming KRA Board of Directors

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm


Carla Matt, Vice-President




Scott Siemens, Secretary


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