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Meeting October 4, 2021
 106 Cedar Cres.


Scott Siemens, President; Mike Garbowicz, Vice-President; Bruce McDowell, Treasurer;  Carla Matt, Secretary; Constance Hourie, Allison Curtis, Lorne Bumphrey

Regrets: Randall Adams

Call to Order at 6:35 pm

1. Approval of the Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved approved as circulated

       M/S: B. McDowell/C. Hourie


2.  Adoption of Minutes


M: THAT the minutes of Aug 30, 2021 be approved as circulated.


     M/S: M. Garbowicz/B. McDowell


M: THAT the minutes of September 22, 2021 be approved as circulated.


      M/S: S. Siemens/C. Hourie



3.   Financial Report

Treasurer B. McDowell provided an updated financial report demonstrating a current reserve balance of $5311.47 + $140 in recent contributions for a total of $5451.47.

M: THAT the financial report be accepted as presented.

      M/S: B. McDowell/M. Garbowicz


4.  KBA Manager's Report


L. Bumphrey provided the following updates:


Standing Items:

a)  Water capacity, Maintenance, and Usage data/trends – We have an 18,000-gallon

tank. We’re keeping up because the pumps are running steady (one at a time). The screens need to be cleaned every 2 or 3 years but they had not been cleaned before 2021. Now that they are cleaned, they are running at full capacity and the reservoir is full. We operated at max capacity during the summer months with no cushion if/when a pump broke down, etc. When the power goes out, the pump stops, and it takes hours to catch up. The Board has asked L. Bumphrey to provide metered information regarding how much water the residents are consuming and how much the Regina Beach Golf Course is consuming. This information has not been received however L. Bumphrey will provide it at a later date. There are many variables with the water infrastructure that could result in a worst case scenario for the residents. S. Siemens will discuss the water infrastructure issues with Chief Todd Peigan when a meeting can be arranged (with Wayne Morris privy to all communication/discussion).

b)  Road grading/oiling/clearing – no updates

c)  Shoreline access/gates – L. Bumphrey has received approval to move the gates along the shoreline. S. Siemens suggests the east gate should move to be parallel to the boundary at Osborne & Piapot and the west gate to west of the most westerly dock.

d)  IMUC Update – There is a meeting next week to sign a new agreement giving the KBA one vote. There is concern the Regina Beach Fire Chief will not attend the meeting.

e)  Traffic Signage - not complete. The new 60km signs were installed on McNab and immediately one was stolen. L. Bumphrey will raise the remaining sign to the top of the post for better visibility and put up another 60km sign to replace the stolen one. L. Bumphrey will place no parking signs on Cedar Cres 3 meters north and south of the fire hydrants. The yield sign at Cree Crossing and Sunset is covered by branches/bushes. L. Bumphrey will clean up the area to allow for better visibility of the sign.

f)  Fire/Emergency – The Regina Beach Fire Chief is not communicating therefore L. Bumphrey is contacting him directly. S. Siemens will follow up with L. Bumphrey about clearing around the fire hydrants.


g)  Reports from Wayne Morris/Chief Todd Peigan – no updates. The Board is looking to receive information/updates on water infrastructure and head lease. S. Siemens will initiate a meeting with Chief Peigan to discuss these issues.


Project Items:


a)  Park Project - The Kinookimaw Park Committee has taken over the entire project. Many improvements have been made in the past few months with lots of interest and volunteer hours from the community. The stairs have been added at the access to the beach and grass seed has been planted but no other improvements are on record for the remainder of 2021. The committee is focusing on fundraising for the remainder of the year.


b)  West Access Walking Path – A decision was made at the recent AGM to widen the path but not so wide as to allow for golf carts or ATV’s. Dina Dennis and Roe Dennis are organizing a committee to clear the path and provide future upkeep. Lorne will superintend that project to ensure KBA compliance.


c) Other

     i.  Hydrant flushing – completed
    ii.  Singer Valves – Chris Brewer has details on the system. L. Bumphrey will talk to him to obtain information.
   iii.  Center Street paved extension “Toll Road” update – no updates
    iv.  Curb Stops – L. Bumphrey can shut them off/adjust them. If they break, it’s KBA’s responsibility. If the home-owner breaks it themselves, it is the home- owners responsibility. The main line has a series of valves, but they are possibly seized up. After some discussion it was decided to just leave them as is and deal with repairs as they are required.


THAT the KBA Manager’s report be accepted as presented.

         M/S: S. Siemens /A. Curtis

5. Bylaw Compliance Report - M. Garbowicz

a) Roe Dennis and Fred Ziegler have volunteered to take on the member at large positions.


M: To appoint Fred Ziegler and Roe Dennis to the Bylaw Compliance committee.


         M/S: M. Garbowicz/B. McDowell


6. Current Business arising from minutes

a)  Shoreline path gates – Refer to L. Bumphrey’s report.

b)  Membership fees (collection/use) - There were 30 out of 100 residents who contributed their $20 fee. There has not been any communication forwarded to residents requesting the $20 from each household in the past year. New residents likely have not contributed as they are not aware of the fee and/or what the fees are collected for. S. Siemens will provide communication to all residents outlining the use for the fees. Providing $250 for the community Holiday party has given some residents the wrong message that fees are for “parties”. The communication from S. Siemens will clear up the misinformation circulating and clarify what the fees are used for.

c) Head/Sub Lease renewal – What are our Board Priorities? This Board agrees that a meeting with Chief Peigan is a priority to impress on KBA the need to start a discussion on the head lease. S. Siemens will reach out to Wayne Morris and Chief Peigan to set up the meeting. The agenda for the meeting will also be to discuss the water infrastructure issues. Wayne Morris will be included in the communication but the meeting will likely happen with Chief Peigan.

7.  New Business


a)  Community communication – S. Siemens would like to send information to all residents after each Board meeting. M. Garbowicz cautions that we shouldn’t overwhelm residents with multiple long emails/messages. Included in the communication could be the list of all resident’s names, phone numbers and addresses providing they have contributed their $20. C. Hourie is concerned about possible legal issues with providing personal information without permission. More discussion is required before we make a decision on how to proceed with the phone number list. C. Matt and S. Siemens to discuss upcoming resident communication offline.

b)  Board Meeting frequency – Meetings will be held approximately every 6 weeks. Upcoming meetings are scheduled at 6:30pm on November 14, 2021 and January 3, 2022. Meeting location tbd with S. Siemens providing a Zoom link for those not able to attend in person.

c)  Social Coordinator vacancy – Jacquie Bumphrey has stepped down. The position is responsible to do a few get togethers a year and the Holiday party. The Board will communicate the position opening in the upcoming email communication and ask for all interested people to respond. If more than one person is interested, they will form a committee.

d)  Holiday party options – This will be address at the November meeting due to possible Covid restrictions at that time.


e)  2021 – 2022 Board Priorities – see above

f) Free Community Trailer Storage - As the community expands, so does the need for more storage space in the free trailer parking lot. Could we look at clearing more bush to expand the area to allow more trailers? The rules are 1 trailer per house but there isn’t room to accommodate that, in addition, there are numerous households with more than 1 trailer in the storage yard. To be discussed further.

M: THAT the KRA new business items be dispatched as recorded.


        M/S: A. Curtis/C. Matt


8. Adjourn & Next Meeting

Next meeting set for November 14, 2021 (6:30pm) @ 106 Cedar Cr.




Scott Siemens, President




Carla Matt, Secretary


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