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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
August 10, 2022


Scott Siemens, President; Mike Garbowicz, Vice-President; Bruce McDowell, Treasurer;  Carla Matt, Secretary;  Constance Hourie

Regrets: Randall Adams

Call to Order at 8:00 pm

1. Adoption of Agenda and Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of July 10 be approved as circulated

       M/S: M. Garbowicz/B. McDowell


2.   Election/Appointment of Officers

  • President appointed is Mike Garbowicz
  • Vice-President appointed is Carla Matt

  • Treasurer appointed is Bruce McDowell

  • Secretary appointed is Scott Siemens

M: That the slate of officers be appointed as described

     M/S: C. Hourie/C. Matt


3.  Board Meeting Planning

September 15th @ 7:00 pm - Location TBD

4. Event Insurance for KPC BBQ & Concert

  • Inquire with Jill as to the plan and whether KPC have already purchased Event Insurance.  If not, inquire with Hordos Insurance as to what information is required and drive the Park Cttee to getting the insurance and providing proof of same to KRA and charging to the KRA account.

  • Encourage / request the KPC keep the board apprised of activities

  • Ask Jill if she would take on the Social Coordinator role

  • Invite Jill to the next meeting for a KPC update


5. Community Maintenance

  • Concerns about visual condition of the community and whether there is something the KRA could do about the condition of community esthetics.  Could KRA get a summer student to work under Lorne and keep better care of the community ?  This idea will be presented to Lorne at our next meeting.

6. Adjourn & Next Meeting

Next meeting set for September 15th, 2022 - location to be determined


Mike Garbowicz, President*




Scott Siemens, Secretary*


*Newly Appointed

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