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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
September 15, 2022


President Mike Garbowicz; Vice-President Carla Matt; Treasurer Bruce McDowell; Secretary Scott Siemens; Community Manager Lorne Bumphrey; Guest Jill Kondratiuk

Regrets: Randall Adams, Constance Hourie

Call to Order at 7:00 pm

1. Adoption of Agenda


M:  THAT the Agenda be approved as circulated, moving the Kinookimaw Park Committee report to the start of the meeting to facilitate Jill’s attendance.

       M/S: S. Siemens/B. McDowell


2. Adoption of Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of August 10 be approved as circulated

       M/S: B. McDowell/S. Siemens


3.   Financial Report

Bruce presented the Aug 31 YTD Finances showing an account balance of $6479.03 of which $358.83 is KBA residual balance.  KRA’s $1500 commitment to the Park Project has yet to be drawn down but, once completed, we will have a working balance of approx.. $4600.  KRA also has an account receivable with the TRB Hall of $100 (past deposit) and with Hordos Insurance of $900 (premium refund).  Bruce noted only 50% of memberships have been paid YTD asking whether we might need another membership renewal drive.  Mike will reach out to last year’s team to see if they are again willing to remind folks.

M: That the Financial Report be accepted as presented

     M/S: B. McDowell/S. Siemens


4.  KBA Manager Report

  • West Path Gate: movement is being deferred as need seems to have dissipated.  No apparent need for east gate movement apparent, but Lorne will ask around.

  • IMUC: was to have met tonight, but that was cancelled.  Landfill issues continue with Gov’t looking for TRB to renew the site.  Likely solution will be TRB developing a new landfill.

  • Fire / First Responders: SouthShore F.D. got a new pumper truck, price came in over budget so the annual fees assessed to KBA will likely be increasing.  Communities’ still lacking First Responders, calls have been issued to no avail

  • Roadway signage: placement continues to be an outstanding matter, Lorne has not heard of people not recognizing signs, and has not received direct instruction from KBA to action.  The Board again pressed Lorne to at least adjust the sign heights to align with Traffic Safety Act standards.

  • Road Maintenance: Most recent grade was done by Buena Vista.  Lorne is working with HHRC to find a solution that allows regular & timely oil application.

  • HHRC Impacts: no negative impacts apparent thus far.  Question about HHRC drivers coming east out of the McNab gates and not stopping - suggestion of putting speed bumps just before the eastbound gate to force drivers to stop.  Lorne & HHRC will attend to this in the spring when traffic increases.

  • Water System: has held up well this summer.  Pumps are keeping up to our average use of 30,000 – 40,000 gpd.  Lorne has a line on some storage tanks that might be able to add summer storage capacity.  With the new power line running to HHRC, we now have access to 3-Phase power which might enable running our pumps simultaneously, thus increasing capacity.  Screen cleaning will happen again in spring.  Other than having an aging system / infrastructure, everything seems to be holding up.

  • Park Maintenance: Lorne is working with KPC on park maintenance and ongoing development (see KPC report below)

  • Trailer Storage Lot: ongoing use – possibly additional expansion as necessary in the spring.

  • Community Signage:  Lorne will attend to this as time allows, not a high priority for KBA.  Questions on best use of Gate donated by Bean family.  Consideration to use at the trailer storage lot both as an unauthorized access deterrent and visual appeal enhancement.

  • KBA Manager Role: Lorne is employed by the KBA and follows their direction.  Lorne looks to get all the projects done that he can get to.  Community is reminded we all bear responsibility to keeping our neighbourhoods beautiful but, unless Lorne requests volunteer help on behalf of KBA, the KBA Liability Insurance does not apply.  We all need to communicate clearly with Lorne to ensure proper protocols are applied.  Discussion on the potential of KBA-KRA partnership in obtaining a Canada Summer Jobs Grant (CSJG) to fund a summer student to work alongside Lorne for 2023.  CSJG provides funding to SK Minimum Wage and might allow for KRA to fund the “top up” to $15/hr. (cost of approx.. $100/wk) with KRA providing support in the form of Worker’s Compensation and payroll service).  Lorne is intrigued by the idea and will discuss with KBA.  Applications must be completed and submitted by January of each year, KRA will need to be the technical driver of this process.

5. Bylaw Compliance Report - Nothing to report

6. Current business arising from minutes

a)  KRA Bylaws – now modified and in force.

b)  Kinookimaw Community bylaws: after the discussion at the AGM, the largest area of concern was residents being hesitant on adopting any bylaws and several expressing particular concern about the Golf Cart / ATV provisions.  Since the AGM, the bylaw officer of TRB & BV has reached out to inquire about our policy as TRB & BV are also considering applying for SGI variance permission to allow Golf Carts on specific roadways.  This might provide an excellent opportunity to collaborate with our neighbouring jurisdictions.  Scott will contact the TRB & BV bylaw officer for an update and suggest we are interested in partnering with an application.  This work needs to continue given the sentiments expressed by W.Morris & Chief T.Peigan at the spring meeting.

7. New Business

a) Kinookimaw Park:  All agreed the KRA continues to support the Kinookimaw Park Committee (KPC) in its work and affirm their continuing to represent the community in the park development.  The Board would like to continue receiving updates and will liaise through Jill Kondratiuk.  Jill reported on recent activities as follows:

            i.  Fundraising efforts to date have generated $6,000 and residents can continue to support efforts through SARCAN deposits by using the code “Kinookimaw” with funds coming to the KPC.  KPC does not yet have a need for the $1500 KRA grant, but anticipates a need in the spring with their ongoing projects.

           ii.  Planned projects are:

  1. Fencing on the trail edge at the steps down to the beach

  2. Steps or grading on the north side of the gazebo

  3. Fencing or shrubbery on the west side of the gazebo to create notable boundary for Curtis property (so park users don’t encroach on the neighbours)

  4. Expanding the use of reclaimed asphalt on the pathway all the way to the trail

  5. Application of “BuzzBoss” product to mitigate insects & pests

          iii.  KPC does not want to give direction on the use / adjustment of the park gates as that should be a KRA Board issue to manage.

b) Social Committee:  No response yet on calls for a new Social Committee Coordinator.  Mike has some leads and will reach out to specific persons.  In the interim, Mike will begin looking at pulling together a group to plan a Holiday Pot-Luck for early December.

c) Trail Maintenance:  Mike and Lorne will begin working on a 2023 calendar for various projects (trail clean-up, storage lot maintenance, flowers, park, etc.) so residents can know in advance when a “work bee” is being held.

8. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting November 1, 2022 - location to be determined (Zoom meeting optional)


Mike Garbowicz, President




Scott Siemens, Secretary


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