What is the Kinookimaw Resident's Association (KRA)


The residents of Kinookimaw required a formal means to communicate with the General Manager of the Kinookimaw Beach Association.   As outlined in the KRA bylaws (revised in 1996), the purpose of the Association is to promote communication between the seven bands of the Kinookimaw Beach Association and the residents of Kinookimaw so that each may better understand the needs and aspirations of the other; to assist each other toward the achievement of their goals; and to ensure the satisfactory performance of the terms of the leases.  At the Annual General Meeting in June of each year, residents are elected to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors of the Kinookimaw Residents Association.  Members are elected for a two year term and may serve up to two consecutive, two year terms.


Kinookimaw Residents Association Board of Directors:


President:                  Colin Hanoski

                                  306.537.7415    colhan123@live.ca

Vice-President:         Stan Hanoski

                                 306.529.1322     mrlee@myaccess.ca


Secretary:                 Scott Siemens

                                 306.501-0092     ssiemens@sasktel.net

Treasurer:                 Bruce McDowell

                                  306.519.7704    bdmcdowell@sasktel.net

Directors:                 Mike Garbowicz   brodigarbowicz@yahoo.com                                   

                                 Daryl Lukan

                                 306.552.8189      dlukan@hotmail.com

Social/Website:         Jacquie Bumphrey

                                  306.551.6034     jlgraphics@accesscomm.ca

KBA Operations & Maintenance Manager - Lorne Bumphrey

                                                                   306.551.6406      lbumphrey@accesscomm.ca


These individuals are the “eyes and ears” of Kinookimaw and keep the General Manager informed about current issues.  If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions or require any additional information, please contact any of these Directors.


Members of the KRA Board of Directors coordinate a number of services/events for the community such as:


  • Trail clean-up/grass mowing

  • Community park maintenance

  • Community flower bed planting and watering

  • Fire hydrant maintenance

  • Street and traffic signs installation

  • Road maintenance

  • Water maintenance

  • Social event planning and organizing

  • Annual General Meeting


The considerable amount of volunteerism in our community helps to keep our KBA and KRA fees as low as possible.  Residents are encouraged to assist with community maintenance and improvement projects.


KRA Board members also represent the residents on other boards and committees to ensure Kinookimaw has a voice in matters affecting our community.  These include:

  • Primary Health Care

  • South Shore First Responders

  • Regina Beach Volunteer Fire Department

  • Regina Beach Cemetery

  • Inter-Municipal Utility Facilities and Services


KRA annual membership fees are $20.00 per household and are payable to the Treasurer.  These fees cover:


  • Per capita fees for emergency services by South Shore First Responders. These trained volunteers respond to your medical emergencies and arrive on  the scene prior to the ambulance when you call 911

  • Purchase of specialized items such as picnic tables, a gate for the community park, Welcome to Kinookimaw sign, etc.

  • Donations to South Shore organizations that benefit our community such as firefighting, cemetery, Canada Day Parade, etc.

  • Supplies for social events

  • Costs associated with the Annual General Meeting and production of newsletters and notices which includes: postage, photocopying, long distance calls, and other miscellaneous cost required to support the activities of the Board of Directors

  • Various forms of communication with residents which includes the cost to register and maintain our website

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