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Kinookimaw Residents Association

Seasonal Trailer Storage Compound Policy



Effective Date 


This policy was approved by the Board of Directors of the Kinookimaw Residents Association (KRA) at its meeting on October 5, 2019 and becomes effective immediately.




This policy applies to all member residents of the KRA.




The Kinookimaw Beach Association, in partnership with the KRA, has designated a portion of land on Piapot Drive to be used as a storage area for member residents of Kinookimaw.  The land was cleared by KRA community volunteers and continues to be maintained by KRA volunteers, as required.  The purpose of the compound is to provide an area for residents to store trailers so they are not parked along the streets and may interfere with road grading, garbage pickup, traffic sight lines, etc. 


Use of the Storage Compound


The storage compound is for the exclusive use of resident members of the KRA.  Family members and friends of residents may not use the storage compound.  Acceptable equipment includes boat, personal watercraft, snowmobile, and other utility trailers. Other equipment may not be parked in the compound.  All trailers must be fully operable. 


All stored trailers must have the name of the owner clearly attached to the trailer.  Trailers not identified, not meeting the definition of an acceptable trailer, or appearing to be abandoned, will be removed from the compound.  Due to space limitations, each household is limited to one trailer in the compound.  Spaces may not be reserved and are utilized on a “first-come / first-served” basis.




The Directors of the KRA are responsible for enforcement of this policy and are the authority on enforcement action as required by this policy.




Trailers parked in the storage compound are at the full risk of the owner.  Neither the Kinookimaw Beach Association nor the KRA assume any liability for loss or damage to trailers stored in the compound, or trailers removed from the compound in respect of enforcement.


Policy Review  


This policy will be reviewed on an as needed basis to ensure it remains relevant to the needs of the resident members of the KRA.  

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