Annual General Meeting  - September 5, 2020

 Memorial Hall - Regina Beach


Colin Hanoski ( Vice-President), Garry Tramer (Secretary), Daryl Lukan,
Bruce McDowell (Treasurer), Scott Siemens

Regrets: Micheal McPherson (President)

There were 24 residents in attendance.  Covid-19 restrictions and protocols were followed.

1.  Call to Order at 9:32 am by Vice-President Colin Hanoski

Members of the KRA Board of Directors and new residents Mike Garbowicz and Craig Matt were introduced.

2.  Approval of Agenda with the addition of discussion of the draft Shoreline Access Policy under New Business 


M:  That the Agenda be approved as amended

       M/S: S. Hanoski/R. Hanoski


3.  Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on June 1, 2019


M:  That the Minutes of June 1, 2019 be approved

       M/S: D. Lukan/D. Derkacht


4. President's Report

Since the President wasn’t able to attend the meeting due to other commitments, the Vice-President presented the highlights of the written report and answered questions arising from the report.  The Treasurer presented the financial highlights from the report.  Questions arising from the report were answered by various Board members.

M: That the Presidents report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: R. Hanoski/M. Lang


5. KRA Board Nominating Report and Election


The second terms of President M. McPherson and Secretary G. Tramer have expired.  M. McPherson will assume the position of Past President for one year.  C. Hanoski, S. Siemens and B. McDowell will continue in their terms on the Board.  D. Lukan starts the second year of his second term.


Nominations for Board member positons were received for S. Hanoski and M. Garbowicz.  No additional nominations from the floor were received.

M: THAT D. Lukan. S. Hanoski, and M Garbowicz be elected to the KRA Board of Directors for a two year term.


     M/S: L. Bumphrey/D. Dennis


6. New and Other Business


• Community Park and Beach Development


Residents indicated a desire make the community park and beach area more user friendly.  Safety concerns were also raised about the swing set in the community park.  After considerable discussion, it was agreed that the KBA Operations and Maintenance Manager will talk to KBA about covering the cost of stairs to improve access from the trail to the community beach with possible resident involvement to install the stairs.  He will also remove the broken swing set at the earliest possible date,  explore the possibility of purchasing a new play structure for the park, and arrange for general maintenance and improvements to the beach area.


• Mortgages/Sub-leases/Head Lease


Questions were raised about the status of negotiations with Conexus Credit Union regarding the issuing of mortgages for properties being purchased in Kinookimaw.  The Vice-President advised that the credit union has indicated which clauses in the existing sub-leases need to be amended to comply with their lending policies.  It was decided that the Board will explore the possibility of hiring a lawyer to redraft the sub-lease, present it to KBA for consideration, and then present it to Conexus Credit Union.  Residents indicated that this issue should be given a high priority as it ultimately could affect the sale of every property in the community.  Residents would also like negotiations of an extension to the Head Lease to be given a high priority as it may affect property values as the expiration date in 2056 approaches.


• Shoreline Access Policy


S. Siemens presented the highlights of the draft Shoreline Access Policy concept that was prepared by the Board and forwarded to Wayne Morris for consideration.  Concern was raised by some residents that the draft policy should have been circulated to the residents for their input prior to submission to KBA. It was indicated that there would be an opportunity for input and further discussion after an indication was received that KBA was in general agreement with the concepts outlined in the draft policy.

7. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 10:55 am

M: R. Hanoski





Colin Hanoski, Vice-President




Garry Tramer, Secretary