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Kinookimaw Residents Association
Annual General Meeting  - September 18, 2021

 Outdoors - Kinookimaw Park


Stan Hanoski ( Vice-President), Scot Siemens (Secretary), Daryl Lukan,
Bruce McDowell (Treasurer), Mike Garbowicz

Regrets: Colin Hanoski (President)

There were 33 residents in attendance representing 25 households.  Covid-19 restrictions and protocols were followed.

1.  Call to Order at 9:33 am by Vice-President Stan Hanoski

Members of the KRA Board of Directors and new residents were introduced.

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved 

       M/S: S. Siemens/R. Bean


3.  Minutes of the Annual General Meeting on September 5, 2020


M:  That the Minutes of September 5, 2020 be approved

       M/S: S. Siemens/R. Dennis


4. Compliance Report

Report that only one matter came to the attention of the Committee and that the issue was resolved.  Reminder that the Committee has no formal authority and operates primarily to educate and reconcile differences so as to generate compliance.  A call was issued for a 3rd non-board member on the Committee.  Rowe Dennis agreed to serve on the Committee.

5. President's Report

Since the President wasn’t able to attend the meeting due to other commitments, the Vice-President presented the highlights of the written report of the President & KBA Manager and answered questions arising from the report (see appendix A for the report and corresponding Q&A).

M: That the Presidents report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: S. Siemens/R. Bean


6. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer presented the financial highlights from the previously circulated report (see Appendix B financial stmts).  Significant discussion item related to the fund balances maintained and whether there is a need for continued membership fees, what funds should be used for, balance limits, etc. 


M: THAT KRA not accrue more than $5000 after which plans are set to reduce the balance to that upper limit.  


      M/S:  R. Moore / G. Tramer


M: That the Treasurer's report be accepted as presented.

       M/S: B. McDowell/D. Lukan


7. KRA Board Nominating Report and Election


The second terms of D. Lukan and C. Hanoski have expired.  C. Hanoski will assume the position of Past President for one year.  S. Siemens and B. McDowell have completed their first term and are eligible for a 2nd two-year term.  M. Garbowicz has completed the 1st year of his first two-year term.  Additionally, S.Hanoski has tendered his resignation from the board.


Nominations for Board member positons were received for A. Curtis, C. Hourie, and C. Matt.  One additional nomination from the floor was received for R. Adams

M: THAT B. McDowell & S. Siemens be elected to the KRA Board of Directors for a 2nd (and final) two-year term, and that
     A. Curtis, C. Hourie, C. Matt, and R. Adams be elected to a 1st two-year term.


     M/S: S. Hanoski/D. Dennis


8. New and Other Business


• Community Park and Beach Development


Kinookimaw Park Committee (KPC) Report:  Many of you may have noticed the improvements to the park on Cedar Cres. Thanks to the KPC and their many volunteers in getting the park to where it now is. But there is more to do, as such KPC is looking for additional funding.  Following several meetings of KPC, they have developed a costed plan and have approached KRA in the hopes of providing funding towards the redevelopment of the Community Park & Shoreline fronting the park on Cedar Cres., The Board of Directors are recommending support for a request for funding towards the improvements in the park in the amount of $1,500.00, on a matching donation basis by the KPC and subject to ratification of the community at the AGM.  If ratified, the Board will request a further matching donation from the KBA.general maintenance and improvements to the beach area.


M:  THAT the KRA approve a request for $1,500.00 in funding from     KRA reserves on a matching donation basis.

    M/S:  S. Hanoski / R. Moore:


    Question / Concerns / Discussion:

    Q=Will play structures be moveable? A=Yes.  

    Q=will gates be maintained? A=planning still in place, but sense is that gates will remain.  

    Q=will shoreline access be maintained?  A=yes, that is still part of the plan but still in discernment for best option as
    we need to keep “outsiders” out, but still allow for emergency vehicles as required.


• Increased Access via Westerly-Most Easement


A request has been made to KBA and KRA to open access on the easement located on far west Sunset Drive. The Board does not have the authority to just open this access point, although we are fully prepared to gather information from the community and pass it on to KBA for their final say.  Currently there is one access point off Cedar Cres.     through the park to the shoreline. The second access point to the shoreline is off the 500 block of Sunset Drive, next to Randy Kozakewich. The third if requested by the community would be on the West side of Sunset Drive, between Rick & Diane Armstrong & Dan & Dina Dennis. There currently is a walking path down to the lake at this point. Any cut through this area would require the use of a bobcat or similar equipment and create approximately a 6-foot cut.  As mentioned, all comments will be passed on to KBA for their decision.

Comments Collected:  

  • Not sure of the need now that easier access in park available

  • Original East easement sold to adjacent resident in response  to park access creation.

  • Prefer two west accesses, one driveable, one walkable

M:  THAT KRA signal to KBA that the Westerly-Most access remain as a  walking path access, though it also be
      expanded / cleared so as to  facilitate the passage of strollers, carriages, children’s wagons, etc..  


       M/S: R. Moore / C. Matt


Recognition of need for some community work to get the improvement done (offer to help with labour / ideas by J. Zak, R. Dennis, D. Dennis).   



9. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 11:55 am

M: S. Hanoski





Stan Hanoski, Vice-President




Scott Siemens, Secretary


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