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Kinookimaw Residents Assoc. Meeting
March 26, 2023 (via Zoom)


President Mike Garbowicz; Treasurer Bruce McDowell; Secretary Scott Siemens; Vice-President Carla Matt. 

Regrets: Randall Adams; Constance Hourie; Lorne Bumphrey (KBA Manager)

Call to Order at 6:31 pm

1. Adoption of Agenda


M:  THAT the Agenda be approved as circulated

       M/S: C.Matt/B. McDowell


2. Approval of Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of February 26, ,2023 be approved as circulated

       M/S: S. Siemens/B. McDowell


3.   Financial Report

Bruce presented the Dec 31 YTD Finances showing an account balance of $6360.46 of which $358.83 is KBA residual balance.  KRA’s $1500 commitment to the Park Project has yet to be drawn down but, once completed, we will have a working balance of approx. $4500.  KRA also has an account receivable with Hordos Insurance of approx.. $870 (premium refund).  Bruce noted 60% of memberships have been paid YTD.

M: That the Financial Report be accepted as presented

     M/S: B. McDowell/S. Siemens


4.  KBA Manager Report - Lorne was not in attendance to report 

5. Bylaw Compliance Report - No action

6. Current business arising from minutes

a) Kinookimaw Community bylaws: Given the change in leadership that has Lorne in a more senior role, Mike will be working with Lorne to address Wayne in the coming weeks.  Mike and Lorne have not yet begun this work, but will attempt to do so before the AGM so there is clarity for members.  This work needs to continue given the sentiments expressed by W.Morris & Chief T.Peigan at the spring meeting and for the overall benefit of the community.

7. New Business

a)  Kinookimaw Park Committee – Nothing to report

b)  Social Committee:  No volunteer(s) to date.  Mike suggested the Board take on the leadership role and then solicit “helpers” as needed on specific events.  The Board agreed and will begin calendar planning at the next meeting.  Currently the decision is to have a BBQ in conjunction with the AGM (see item 7.e) as a “season starter”.  Mike will approach Todd & Joan Edwards to see if they can help out.

c)  Trail Maintenance:  Mike and Lorne will work on a 2023 calendar for various projects (trail clean-up, storage lot maintenance, flowers, park, etc.) so residents can know in advance when a “work bee” is being held.

d)  Mike raised the prospect of a KRA funded Summer Student with Wayne Morris.  Nothing new to report, the idea will be presented at the AGM.

e)  AGM – the Board agreed to hold our 2023 AGM on May 27th at 9:00 am in the Kinookimaw Park (in someone’s garage if inclement weather).  Only Mike Garbowicz is not up for election.  Adams & Hourie (1st terms) will not stand for re-election.  McDowell & Siemens (2nd terms) will not stand for re-election.  Board members will do some shoulder tapping to generate interest in new Board members.  Mike will highlight this in the upcoming Kommunicator AND will ask Lorne to send out a specific email calling for nominations.  ​

8. Next Meeting Date

Next meeting April 30, 2023 at 7:00 pm - via Zoom

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm


Mike Garbowicz, President




Scott Siemens, Secretary


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