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Meeting June 5, 2021
 513 Sunset Drive


Stan Hanoski( Vice-President), Daryl Lukan, Bruce McDowell (Treasurer), Scott Siemens, Mike Garbowicz

Regrets: Mike McPherson, Colin Hanoski

1.  Call to Order at 10:00 am

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved as circulated with the addition of an item relating to a request for enhanced trail    

       M/S: B. McDowell/M. Garbowicz


3.  Adoption of Minutes


M:  That the Minutes of September 19, 2020 be approved as circulated

       M/S: S. Siemens/B. McDowell


4.   Financial Report

       Circulated by Bruce on June 1/21, by way of email, Bruce noted details from presented stmt.  50 memberships paid          last year.  Several small expenses.  Very little activity.  D&O Insurance has been paid by KBA.  Need an update on      
       whether South Shore 1st responders has been paid.  Lorne will confirm details.


M:  THAT  the financial statement as presented be accepted.

       M/S: B. McDowell/S. Hanoski



5  KRA Report


Lorne provided the following updates:

  • Water update: New lines & meters have been installed indicating wells are being depleted due to dry weather.  Lorne has indicated to Wayne we have a water storage issue and is having ongoing discussions.  A much larger discussion on water supply is a MUST as the community needs continue to grow

  • Road update: Grading & Oiling being done Tuesday

  • One way Cedar Crescent: new signs having been ordered and expect to be installed this month.

  • Shoreline - request for space:  Kinookimaw residents are inquiring about shoreline use.  Lorne & Wayne are working on a protocol to survey & assign shoreline space.  Lorne will present the 2020 Board approved policy to Wayne to promote a “community solution” rather than having something imposed on us.  Lorne will attempt to get a “face-to-face” with Wayne.  With regards to the above, and via telephone discussion with Wayne, he has indicated that he is in favor of making an allocation to each household that has or is looking for space on the shoreline. Not clear as to whether or not he has seen the draft policy put forward from the past Board but, based on our discussion it appears that he is going to handle this by way of having the shoreline legally surveyed to establish everyone’s boundaries.  It is also not clear as to when this may happen.  Lorne will attempt to work with Wayne to create a solution that has community input and embraces historical protocols rather than something new that may result in no one being happy.

  • Mike expressed appreciation for Lorne’s work in the community

M:  THAT  the KBA report be accepted as presented

       M/S: S. Siemens/M. Garbowicz


6.  Unfinished/Old Business


  • Board Insurance – see #IV above


  • Mortgage Availability – Conexus & Affinity Credit Union are now an approved mortgage lender for Kinookimaw.  Minimum of 20% down payment is required.


  • Trailer Storage and annual clean up, & restrictions:  Reviewed policy.  Scott & Lorne will check the lot & propose any required actions


  • Bylaw Compliance Committee – Scott proposes renewing the committee.  Mike will join the team from within the Board and Stan will issue a call to the community for the 3rd party.


  • Annual Meeting:  With Covid this may still be an issue – June will not be an option at this point. We may have to postpone until September. Discussion:  Stan will book for September 18th and issue a notice to the community.


  • IMUC Update:  Lorne will begin attending on our behalf, Stan is the alternate.  RM of Lumsden & TRB are working through the construction & jurisdiction of “old 54”.  There is likely to be a toll applied to that road for Septic Trucks (which will likely trickle down to septic users).

M:  THAT the KRA new business items be dispatched as recorded

      M/S: S. Siemens/M. Garbowicz


7.  New Business

  • Trail Bikes, Quads in the hills behind the Residents: This is being brought forward due to noise, lack of respect for the residents, abuse of the land and concern for grass fires. May become a moot point from our perspective other than education for the community, as “Friends of Kinookimaw” seem to be getting highly active in exactly what we are talking about.  Additional information about the potential new campground was shared, though formal confirmation of parties involved is being withheld for privacy / commercial reasons.


  • Request for expansion of easement access between Rick & Dianne Armstrong and Dan & Dina Dennis. The board agreed to advise the interested resident(s) to make the request directly to Lorne / Wayne.  Bruce will communicate this direction to the resident accordingly.  Lorne will communicate to Wayne the board’s non-position on the matter – we are neither supportive nor in disagreement.  The access is there for this very purpose and we support whatever decision Wayne takes.

8.  Other Information

  • Why are we in Kinookimaw being charged $10.00 more “Basic Monthly Charge” on our SaskPower bills in comparison to Regina Beach.

    Kinookimaw – Basic Monthly Charge - $32.90

    Regina Beach – Basic Monthly Charge - $22.79

    City of Regina – Basic Monthly Charge - $22.79

    Acreage outside of Regina – Basic Monthly Charge - $32.90

    Acreage outside of Regina Beach – Basic Monthly Charge - $34.97


SaskPower has advised Kinookimaw is consider “Indian Reserve” and that is the provincial rate for all reserve accounts.  When pressed on the issue of “reserve” designation, the answer was to take it up with the Minister of InterMunicipal Affairs.  No direction given by the board as to any next steps.  Any resident wishing to address this can do so on their own accord.

9.  Adjourn & Next Meeting

M: That the meeting adjourn at 12:05 pm and that the next meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2021 @ 7:00 pm.    

M: S. Siemens





Stan Hanoski, Vice- President




Scott Siemens, Secretary


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