• Road maintenance:  Improved grading, dust control application, gravel

  • Liability Insurance:  Board of Directors coverage continues, funded by KBA.

  • Sewage Lagoon:  New development, now operational

  • Inter-Municipal Utilities Committee:  Regina Beach, Kinookimaw, Buena Vista, and Lumsden Beach. (Fire, ambulance, landfill, lagoon, etc.)

  • Fire Agreement:  Service continues with the Regina Beach Fire Department.  Committee looking at increased costs, communication, coordination of Fire Bans, fire pit standards.

  • Kinookimaw Beach Association forward planning.

  • Recycling: Use of Regina Beach`s facilities (2nd Street West and by Bigway Food)

  • Garbage:  continued weekly service by Lorass, personal use of Regina Beach landfill site on individual fee for service per load.

  • Thanks to Fred Zeigler, Kinookimaw shared winning a provincial award “Age Friendly Community” with Regina Beach and Buena Vista.  Age Friendly is a global movement of communities where policies, services, settings and structures support and enable people of all ages.

  • Free Landfill (yard waste) dates for Kinookimaw residents: May 18 and May 19, June 22 and June 23, August 31 and September 1, October 12 and October 13.  


Future Challenges


  • Potable water:  Chlorination and sufficient supply.  Financing capital improvements is a challenge for KBA.

  • Fire Prevention:  hydrant water supply, homeowners insurance coverage reminders

  • Road maintenance:  Continued grading, dust control, gravel.

  • Head Lease:  Extend this past expiry in 2056

  • Tenant Lease:  Improved wording to become mortgage/loan friendly

  • Water Drainage; management of water runoff plan

  • Shoreline use:  Clarification on access, residents “only”, shore improvements, permits, sharing the shoreline and annual awareness. More residents more demand.

  • Soil and tree conservation:  caution on removal and cutting

  • Association Fee collection:  the Associations only source of revenue.

  • Green space (Little Arm Area):  fire prevention, dumping, land damage

  • Liability Insurance continuance:  Board of Directors

  • Inter-Municipal Utilities Committee:  Regina Beach, Kinookimaw, Buena Vista, and Lumsden Beach. (Fire, ambulance, landfill, lagoon, etc.) Continued sharing.

  • Not-for-Profit Incorporation: For consideration and further discussion.  

  • Administration coordination:  better record keeping, historical data transition and retention for KBA and KRA.

  • Community Planning:  Regina Beach has commenced long-term development planning having invited all area communities to participate in the development of a 25-year vision for the broader area.

  • Review/Update:  The Kinookimaw Residents Association Bylaws update is required and may be in concert with not-for-profit registration if the Membership chooses to formally register.

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