Meeting July 6, 2019

 526 Sunset Drive


Micheal McPherson (President, Colin Hanoski (Vice-President), Bruce McDowell (Secretary), Garry Tramer (Secretary), Scott Siemens

Apologies: Daryl Lukan

1.  Call to Order at 9:00 am

2.  Approval of Agenda


M:  That the Agenda be approved as submitted

       M/S: B. McDowell/G. Tramer


3.  Minutes of the meeting on May 25, 2019


M:  That the Minutes be approved as submitted

       M/S: G. Tramer/M. McPherson


S. Siemens will continue to head up the Compliance Committee and will draw upon other resources as required.

M:   THAT the following Officers be appointed for the Kinookimaw Residents Association effective
       immediately:  M. McPherson as President, C. Hanoski as Vice President, B. McDowell as Treasurer,
       and G. Tramer as Secretary.

        M/S: S. Siemans/G. Tramer


M:   THAT B. McDowell is authorized to handle all financial affairs for the Kinookimaw Residents


        M/S: S. Siemans/G. Tramer


4.   Financial Report


The Financial Report was presented at April 30, 2019.  All financial records were passed to the new Treasurer.

M:   THAT the Financial Report be adopted as presented.

        M/S: C. Hanoski/S. Siemans


M:    THAT M. McPherson be reimubursed for Annual General Meeting expenses in the amount of $13.24

        M/S: C. Hanoski/S. Siemans


M:    THAT the 2019 First Responder fees be paid by the Kinookimaw Beach Association based on the
       discussion between C. Hanoski and Wayne Morris in early 2019.


        M/S: S. Siemsn/C. Hanoski


5.  President's Report


  • IMUC next meeting is on July 15.  M. McPherson will attend the meeting.

  • Reflective street signs are ready and will be picked up as soon as invoice is paid.

  • Electronic map has been completed by Jacquie Bumphrey and forwarded to Wayne Morris for approval.

  • Boat storage compound requires clean up and unidentified trailers to be removed.

  • Trail clean up to be organized for September.

  • Kinookimaw sign should be considered for beach area below the community park.

  • Golf tournament will be held on July 28.

  • Only one water supply pump is working.  Two new variable speed pumps have been ordered.

  • KBA has indicated that they are desirous of installing water meters in all residences.  Residents may directly pay or a deposit to KBA for the meters.

  • More information is to be gathered regarding the feasability of leasing the unused water tower in Regina Beach.  Trenching costs to the tower are estimated in the $50,000 range.

M: That the Presidents report and related discussion be accepted as presented.

       M/S: M. McPherson/S. Siemans


6.  New Business


The next meeting will be scheduled on a Saturday in September (but not September 21).

7. Adjournment

That the meeting adjourn at 10:45 am

M: B. McDowell





Micheal McPherson, President




Carmel Bjarnason, Secretary